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Many of you will already know I’m a big fan of this book, but I wanted to take some time to share what captured my eye initially and explain why it’s top of my personal Books I Love list (more of these to come).

I took an interest in Michael Neill’s work a few years ago, when he was an NLP trainer extraordinaire, mainly because I loved the titles of his other books: You Can Have What You Want, Effortless Success and Be Happy Now as well as Supercoach.

“Yes please, I’ll have me some of all of that,” I thought with my self-help junkie/personal development hat on.

But it wasn’t until about 18 months ago that his work really touched my very soul and I began a journey into understanding how life really works – with this book being my introduction.

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Here are a couple of the bits I highlighted on the first reading, that really spoke to the go-getting, fast-paced, over-achieving, on-a-quest-for-simplicity entrepreneur I was at the time.Here’s the first that hit me between the eyes.

I had a sense of this but Michael put it into words with an impact that made me sit up and take notice.

He explained that because of a simple misunderstanding about how humans really work, we drive and strive and accumulate and ‘work on ourselves’ so we can go faster, but in the end, we risk this being on our tombstone:

Here lies the fastest runner on the treadmill.

Shit – that was ME!

I was pretty proud of how fast I could run – after all that was the fun of the game wasn’t it? Surely winners were the ones who could run the fastest?

What I hadn’t seen was the treadmill.

It was enough to get me interested – OK, so he’s got the measure of me here…

Micheal also talked about the path I had been following so ardently:

In fairness, this path has numerous advantages. it’s well lit and well travelled and we’ll rarely find ourselves at a loss for companions on that journey. While these companions may disagree with us on the specific things we need to change or how to change them, they’ll never question the fundamental premise that we need to change something to be happy and whole.


I had never realised there was an alternative to the ‘searching for the thing to make you happy’.

And here was the true message of the book

We don’t need to create abundance, because abundance is already there. We don’t need to create love, or well-being or happiness, because love, well-beign and happiness are part of our essential nature. We don’t need to learn to open our hear or connect with others, but cause that’s just what happens when we don’t stop it from happening.

And not right then (because very little of this book sunk in on the first reading for me), but on subsequent reads I came to see how much I’d been getting in my own way.

How everything I thought was ‘getting me where I wanted to go’ was in fact taking me further and further away from the very stuff I sought.

Micheal goes on to cover the principles behind the human experience – in a way I now see as so simple and eloquent.

He talks about the value of the empty mind, how we can thrive in our business and lives and find a sense of freedom and a sense of ‘Who gives a sh*t’ (my words, not his) carefree-ness that means that I, for one, have a lot more fun in my life right now.

Parts of the book are esoteric and hard to follow on first reading, but the feeling I was left with was ‘I don’t understand it, but there’s something in this.’

I sensed truth.

I turned back to the first page and read it again.

And have done several hundred times more – seeing something new each time I go back to the start.

And Digger loves it too.


The subtitle of the book is ‘The only thing you need to know to change your life forever’ and he certainly delivers on the promise.

Here’s another great resource from Michael that complements the book I also wanted to share here.


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