In April this year, my mentor, Michael Neill, let me know that in the months of June and July, I was going to be taking part in his 2 month Creating The Impossible program.

The criteria were these:

  • You have to pick a goal that really doesn’t matter if you do it or you don’t, but if you did it would be totally cool.
  • It has to be creative ie creating something where there was nothing.
  • It has to be impossible. This means it will be totally obvious when you’ve failed at it (which the expectation is that you will, that’s why it’s impossible!).
  • And, if you went about it the ‘old skool’ way of driving, striving, setting positive intentions, visualising, goal setting etc etc – there’s no way it could happen. Mind has to step in to help as the ONLY way to make the impossible possible.

How much fun is THIS????? I thought.

What should I do for mine?

What ensued was a 2 month thought storm leading up to the 1 June start date.

First thoughts: set up a new business and create $100,000 in revenue over the eight week period of the project.

Nah – too blah – to be honest I’ve done that one before.

Get 100,000 likes on Digger’s Facebook Fan Page.

Yes! It’s fun, I really don’t care if I hit the goal, and imagine if all I had to do was post stupid pictures of my dog on Facebook.digger-blowoffs

So I began.

Posting, taking pictures, joining doggy facebook groups.

But then I found myself thinking ‘Why?’

Especially when this post on the right got more ‘likes’ than anything useful or interesting I had posted.

What is the point of this stupid project?

When I could be doing something life-changing or meaningful.

Or creating something I actually want?

I know, I’ll create a beach body.

That would be fab because I’m going away in July with my super skinny sisters-in-law so it will give me the perfect motivation.

And totally impossible (I know, I’ve been trying to do it for the last forty-two minus seventeen years).

So I planned my running schedule, bought in the ryvitas, swotted up on my 5:2 diet and lost 6lb pretty quickly.

But then I ate huge cake by accident, drank several bottles of wine (not all in one day) and skipped the running.

This can’t be it, I thought, perhaps I should change my project.

And then came up with five more ideas I started acting on, driving my coaching buddies crazy with the ‘should I do this/should I do that’ questions.

This was all before the 1st June starting date of Creating The Impossible.

I’m a ‘Quick Starter’ – what can I say?

Micheal suggested that I stop.

He shared with me the quote at the top of this page.

Then I read it that evening in Ariana Huffington’s book, Thrive.

Then I saw it on a facebook post.

So deciding the universe was shouting my project at me loud and clear from all corners, I declared on 1st June to the Creating The Impossible Project group that my impossible goal was to sit quietly in a room.

And so I cancelled out some appointments in my diary and I sat in a chair.

For a whole two hours.

And bingo!

I know, I’ll create a million views of my Simplicity Project blog and win the Red Women awards for blogging.



So I bought a blogging course, planned out all my posts and entered the Red awards. Within 24 hours of having the idea.

Thank God for that. I can relax now I’ve finally decided. Phew.

Thought storm over.

Peace descended into my head.

And then it came.

I know, I’ll train to be a yoga teacher.

What? Where did that come from? Are you sure?

Yes. It felt right.

So a new goal was set: Train to become a yoga teacher in eight weeks and be teaching by 1 June.

It would help me create that beach body, I’d got really into yoga in the last few months and it was totally impossible as it takes two years to train and I can’t even touch my toes.

So I found a distance learning program that would do the trick (within 20 minutes of deciding upon the idea) and sat back to wait the 10 days for it to arrive from the US in the post.

Life ticked along. It was impossible to move ahead on my project because the training hadn’t arrived.

And in that space I fell into a peaceful place of quiet that I don’t remember having experienced before.

Everything was just……fine.

My head was just……….quiet.

Life felt just……..good.

And then the package arrived, I got writing my essays, building out my yoga site, doing, doing, doing.

Long long long story short (just think if I’d included all the projects I’ve started and stopped in the name of Creating the Impossible), Michael explained this:

We’re so used to thinking our inspiration and creativity is limited that we’ve spent our whole lives picking the best possible option from page 1 of the menu.

Without realising there’s a page 2, 3, 4 and on to infinity of possibilities.

That we always have the potential for new thought, for new ideas.

And that the ones with legs are probably on page 597 and when we see them we’ll notice we’re already in action.

No ‘deciding to go for it’, no ‘throwing ourselves into it’.

Just noticing we’re already doing it.


So here’s my Creating The Impossible Project.

It’s taken me a month of exploring creativity to start to see what this project is even about.

To learn what’s possible.

Today is the 1st of July. Between now and when the project ends on 1st August, I’m experimenting with un-doing.

With creating space in my head.

To notice what shows up on page 769 instead of busying myself with the buzzy idea on page 1.

And unless it just seems to happen on it’s own, not to birth a new creation into the world for the duration of the project.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still serving my clients, and launching the 50K Bootcamp today.

The stuff I just know to do.

But not acting on a big buzzy new projects.

That feels impossible to me.

I’m still getting caught up in the big buzzy ideas that can happen when you get together with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs.

(For example I nearly launched a new woman’s networking group called last night – but that’s a whole different story)

But it would be really really cool to see what happens if I don’t act on those buzzy ideas that feel like they compel me into action.

I have no idea where this will take me.

But I’ll share with you as I go.

(And if I do every launch, I’ll let you know).





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