This is a post from Alexis following a conversation we had into how we create our experience from the inside out – and an insight she gained into the experience of the over-tiredness that can be experienced in parenting.

I wanted to share this with you as it’s an experienced I guess many of you will resonate with (or remember). Click below this snippet to read the full story…

It’s been a quiet few months on Mums Are Made. A big reason for this is that the Hubster has just spent three months teaching at the University of Durham. I had an exhilarating few weeks looking after the three kids on my own in Portugal, headed to my Mum and Dad’s house in the UK, then returned with them for another few weeks back home again. On the plus side I have spent a lot of time hanging with the little ones, seeing old friends, and visiting favourite childhood haunts. I had a night or two OUT, which was extremely welcome. The only snag was that, while I have been lucky enough to have outstanding help and support from friends and family, I have felt quite overwhelmed with the responsibilities and practicalities of being the only full-time parent on hand. I can’t remember ever feeling so exhausted.

Actually, I still feel tired, but much less anguished, thanks to some very simple changes to my thinking.

Click here to read more about Alexis’ insight.


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