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I was having a conversation last week with a client and we talking about how she could generate additional revenues to grow her business.

It occurred to me to ask her: “What would you do, if you knew the bills were taken care of? If you knew you had enough money coming in right now to maintain your current lifestyle? What would you do?”

Her eyes lit up as she considered the question – it’s a great one to reflect on if you’ve never considered it.

We so often get caught in the question – “How much money would I need/like to make?” followed by “What could I do to make that in the easiest, quickest way possible?”

And given those limitations, make our decisions from there, not realising this is a misunderstanding of reality problem NOT a misunderstanding of how to create more money problem.

(More on that in a future blog post).

But given we’re human and entrepreneurs, shooting the breeze over a glass of wine or two, we talked about that question too.

“How much would you need to make to maintain the lifestyle that you currently have?”

The answer: “Well I really need to take home say £50,000 a year to cover everything.”

And then she thought.

“So that means I have to earn £100,000 in revenues because of course after I’ve paid for everything I need to run the business: my systems, my team, my Facebook ads (because obviously I need to grow my mailing list), that would leave me with £50,000 that I need.”

I sat.

And I reflected.

And then in a blinding flash I saw the craziness.

“So you mean that you’re paying your team to run your systems and marketing to generate £100,000 a year so you can afford to pay your team to run your systems and marketing.”

(Read that again. Slowly.)


More silence….


I can almost see the dominoes going cher-chunk, cher-chunk as one insight knocks into another into another.

“Oh. I can see exactly how to make £50,000. And I wouldn’t need team. Or systems. Or Facebook ads. Or documented processes. Or teleseminars. Or a huge email list.”

And the list went on.

What kind of monsters do we create in our efforts to have more?

How much complexity do we introduce because ‘that’s the way to grow your business’?

And when you look around we’re crazy – making all over the place.

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