I had my forty-something check up and the doctor the other day and they said, ‘Your weight puts you at a higher risk of a heart attack.’

Now I’m just on the verge of the ‘overweight’ category – seriously, lose a pound and I’m ‘normal’ weight again, but having buried a close friend of mine less than a week ago, this was a wake up call to me to take myself out of the ‘high-heart-attack-risk’ category.

I eat pretty healthily (as long as I’m not the one cooking it in which case I am mainly eating carcinogenic burned remains) and I dance my socks off a couple of times a week and dog walk every day but I felt like it was time to up the ante.

Plus who isn’t better at their business when their health is thriving?

So I opted for the 5:2 diet. If you’re not familiar with it, it involved eating around 500 calories for 2 days of the week, then what you like (within reason) the rest of the time.

I’ve tried and succeeded at this before, and tried and failed at it too, so I wondered what would happen this time.

Here’s what I spotted last week that is (so far) making a difference.

I saw BOB!Bob2-150x150

I’ve got eyes for him at the moment as you’ll know if you read the post last week.

Here’s what he does.

He jumps into bed with me in the morning with  his hair and teeth all brushed and often wearing a respectable looking suit.

He quite rationally says, ‘Today’s not a great day to start this. You’ve got clients/ a meeting/ a coffee out with friends/ some other reason that maybe next Tuesday would be better.’

If his alarm hasn’t gone off so he’s missed me at 6.45am, he then reappears in the kitchen in a pinny with icing sugar all over him, making him look all kind of cute, and this is along the theme of what he says:

‘Eat this piece of cake. Who cares, no-one will know and you can always start again tomorrow.”

“Look, you’re feeling a bit wobbly, must be this stupid no-eating thing, that’s just ludicrous, why would you starve yourself, have something to eat.”

“Mmmmmm smell the kids’ fishfingers…..just stare at that little piece that fell off on the counter….”

“Bob? I’m not Bob. The one who told you you needed to lose any weight at all was Bob.”

“Surely if you understand the Three Principles, you’ll have an insight at some point that will mean this will be a breeze. So why not wait until then?”

And the thing is before his suit and his pinny fooled me into thinking that thinking was MY thinking.

That those things were common sense and probably wisdom.

Yet again, as last week, all of thoughts above come with a ‘you stupid cow’ feeling attached to them.

That’s not wisdom or common sense – that’s BOB!

I know I’d like to lose some weight to be healthy.

I also know what to do in order for that to happen.

Both of these feel impersonal. Matter-of-fact. Obvious.

Anything other than that is just Bob.

I don’t have to fight him – God could you imagine the mess if I did? Icing sugar and special brew everywhere.

All that’s neccessary is that I see him and I understand where he comes from.

He’s still drunk, he’s high on sugar and now I’ve seen him, he’s just making me laugh.

Especially with the last one: “Surely if you understand the Three Principles, you’ll have an insight at some point that will mean this will be a breeze. So why not wait until then?”

Cheeky bugger, he knows the good cards to play.

What makes Bob different from the traditional ‘gremlin’ of old-school coaching? A whole heap and I’ll cover that in next week’s posts.

So now he bimbles around the corners of my kitchen on ‘2’ days but that’s OK.

So does my dog and I don’t take much notice of anything he says either.


Edit to post: Later the same day, he dressed up in a Millie’s cookies uniform and totally fooled me. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.


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