But for our thinking there is no you and there is no me.

Spiritual traditions through the ages and indeed quantum physics right now point to the fact that everything is made from one energy.

Yes, in a whoo whoo way, but also in a nuts and bolts science sort of way.

My computer that I’m writing to you on now is made of the same stuff as the hands that are typing on them.

My dog is made of the same stuff as my kids as the sky as the moon as my iphone.

And if we were simply spiritual beings that might be more our experience of life.

If we were here.

Which we wouldn’t be as we’d experience only the energy – that oneness of the thing from which all things are made.

“Get lost with the whoo whoo, we are all one sh*t, I’m an entrepreneur, I’ve got no time for all this nonsense,” I hear you cry!

Bear with me.

As it happens, we’re not simply spiritual beings, we’re also having a human experience.

And what that means is that we, through the incredible power of thought, think ourselves into existence.

I create a self-image, an idea of me as a separate individual, of what I like and don’t like, what I’m good at and what I’m not.

This much I can see is true.

But here’s the idea that came to me a couple of days ago that I’m mulling over.

Back in the ‘find the right business mindset’ and ‘discover yourself’ personal development days of my entrepreneurial career, we’d work really hard to define ourselves as ‘an introvert’, ‘a quick start’, a ‘completer finisher’ and then capitalize on our strengths.

But we’d also spend a whole heap of time uncovering thoughts about ourselves such as “I’m invisible”, “I’m worthless” or “I’m not important”.

And we’d be told by our mentors ‘”That’s not true! Instead you’re a powerful strong woman!”

“Let’s get rid of those limiting erroneous beliefs, they’re holding you back, that’s not the true you underneath there!”

And we’d work really hard on eliminating those thoughts and putting ‘better’ ones in.

“Say it after me: I am a powerful strong woman who can create whatever she wants in the world. People take notice of me because I’m so inspiring and I am a force to be reckoned with!”

And then I’d go out into the world and damn well prove my power statement by striding out, being brave, making loads of money and having sales conversations left, right and centre.

Here’s the thought that came to me.

What if that experience of “I’m invisible”, “I’m nothing” and “I’m not important” are actually the truth.

And the truth of that is so totally terrifying that we burst into activity, strive to achieve, and get those around us to love us as a recognition that we do actually exist, that we do truly matter.

It seems to me that every time what we consider to be ‘us’ starts to fade, we do anything we can to bring ‘us’ back.

Back in the days when I used to experience panic to the extent I would feel myself leave my body, I would pinch myself to ‘bring myself back’.

When we are made redundant at work, when our children leave home, if we lose our health or our good looks as we age and no longer attract wolf whistles, we start to fade.

When we feel invisible, ignored, taken for granted (mums, you know what I’m talking about here!) or unloved, it’s as if ‘we’ start to become a little less solid and we don’t like it.

It’s why we fall in love with technology that validates that we’re real, that we’re here.

Ping – you got mail! Again. For the 100th time today you definitely exist!

“Yes! 53 likes of my Facebook post” – and you feel more real and ‘alive’ than ever.

“Shit, not a single like of my Facebook post” – do they even know I’m here???

What if that feeling is why so many of us entrepreneurs find it so hard to be quiet, and find it so hard to be still?

Why we buzz ourselves up into a ‘launch frenzy’ and a ‘list of 3,000 things to achieve this year’?

Because we might have to stare into the void and see that we are nothing and don’t exist at all.

Here’s the good part to all this.

What if the fact that we don’t actually exist wasn’t a bad thing?

It seems to me taking a look in that direction allows us to experience our divinity.

To experience a deeper feeling and an amazing peace of mind that I for one have rarely come across before.

A knowing that underneath all the noisy humanness that we experience every day that THAT is what’s really true, constant and always will be, settles me down.

For me personally it just suddenly looks like a lot of the things I do in order to validate the fact that I exist maybe aren’t so neccessary after all.

The things that puff up my ego so I can feel ‘more real’ just aren’t so compelling.

‘Get a big house, 10,000 fans on facebook, make sure I have loads of friends, my kids always look at me and say ‘thank you’ when I pick up after them and always remember my purpose and power statement’ don’t seem so important.

And my guess is this insight is going to leave me with actions and ideas that come more from the space of that deeper intelligence behind the system that creates us all, rather that from an attempt to ‘make sure I’m really here’.

And I can stop trying to do battle with the idea at the back of my mind that ‘I’m invisible’ because it’s actually the truth.

There’s ANOTHER load of my to-do list.

Which frees up my head for far more profound creativity and insights.

Too whoo whoo for you? A little to whoo whoo for me, but hey, insights come in all sorts of flavours.

Let me know if this sparks anything for you.




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