Yesterday I wrote about the idea of the Minimalist Business – see Part One if you missed it.

In that I discussed the ‘outer game’ of simplicity.

Cutting out all the superfluous extra helpers, thousand marketing strategies, crap from your inbox and in your calendar type stuff.

The physical and virtual clutter that slowly accumulates as you grow a business that threatens to rise up and slowly strangle you.

You know what I mean 🙂

Today I want to point to the inner game of simplicity.

Here I’m talking about the reduction of the noise between your ears.

This is what it looks like inside most business owner’s heads.

Imagine 14 or so filing cabinets all lined up against one wall.

Now imagine your 3 year old and a couple of her mates have been plied with Haribo and then let loose to play ‘let’s empty the files all over the floor’.

Then add in a stern school master at the side doing some shouting of orders.

Now add three radios, all playing at full blast, all in different languages.

Oh, and add in Bob having a wander round amongst all that for good measure, full to the brim with Special Brew and handing out business tips.

That’s pretty much the mental experience of a busy entrepreneur.

It’s fucking messy in there. (Sorry, been reading too much Mark Manson over the past couple of days).

When I think Minimalist Business I think huge beautiful empty hall with a glowing electrical wire going from one end to the other.

A clear channel for downloads of wisdom and innovative ideas, and a clear output at the end.

No resistance, interference or static getting in the way – just a simple flow.

Now, when I wrote about the outer game of Minimalist Business yesterday, some people thought I meant ‘go create a small business, with no/hardly any team/sufficient revenues and you reach who’s meant to hear you.’

But what I see to be true is that having the inside of your head feel more like the glowing electrical wire than the Haribo-crazed filing extravaganza is going to serve you whether you want to create a tiny beautiful business or you feel called to impact the lives of a million.

The Minimalist Business is one in which the business owner knows how human beings work with the following results:

1. They know solutions to business problems don’t come from rooting round in the filing cabinets looking for the right information to answer the question, while holding Bob back with the other hand, so they stop looking there.

2. They receive inspiration and are able to follow through with implementation whilst totally ignoring the radio.

3. They know that the cleaner will be in at the end of the day and set the office back to normal so they don’t fuss too much when it gets out of control.

4. They know the glowing electrical wire is always there, only sometimes the school master is standing in front of it so you can’t see it.

5. They appreciate not only the ideas channelled down the glowing wire, but the power that’s charging the wire.

They have a far easier time creating whatever they want to achieve in the world.

Think of your understanding of the Principles as a colonic for the mind.

Minimalist on the INSIDE, baby, that’s what it’s all about.

What do you think? Ring true for you? Leave me a comment below.





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