Back in the old days I had a business like the lady on the left below.

  • I had a team of ten – Facebook people, PR people, support staff, operations staff and so many others I can’t even remember who they were now. I spent most of my time managing the people and making sure I had enough to pay them.
  • I had the most complicated Infusionsoft set up in the world ever. We paid someone to create it, to make it do some really cool things with triggers and tags and what-not and then had to hire someone onto the team to manage the bloody thing because none of us could work it out. (That was another team member).
  • We had so many different products, programs and offerings and every month SEVEN launches would ping off automatically at the beginning of each month, and you’d receive the relevant one, depending on what you’d previously bought/how long you’d been on our list/some other massively complicated algorithm. Clever yes. Migraine-inducing – also yes.
  • My ‘success library’ folder was slowing my computer down, it was so full of ‘how tos’ and ‘seven step blueprints’ – some of which I’d written myself. My bookcase was weighed down with the same.
  • I had tens of joint venture partners which means running complicated affiliate payment processes and inundating my mailing list with other people’s stuff.
  • My calendar was full from morning to late evening, weekends included.
  • I did business the way you were ‘supposed’ to do it.
  • My journal was full of million dollar business plans, how many of x at y price point I had to sell in order to have what I ‘needed’.
  • My head was full of my business 24/7 – I thought about it, worried about it, ran through what-if’s and was basically distracted from my kids and family; those times when I had decided not to physically be at work, I might as well have been

I got sick. Suprise, suprise.

minimalist business

Here’s how The Simplicity Project runs:

  • There’s just me.
  • I use the bare minimum of technology – just aweber to collect emails so I can communicate with people and rainmaker to power my blog.
  • I have 2 ways to work with me: The Simplicity Circle is a group I run once a month for 90 minutes and Private for my clients who want to have more of my personal time. My time is mostly my own.
  • I write, people see what I write, they sign up to join the Circle. And I do the occasional webinar with a special offer too. Complicated ‘funnel’ eh?
  • I have no affiliates. I share what I think is valuable. People share my stuff if they like it. No need for money to change hands.
  • I’m not entirely sure what I earn……but the bills still seem to be being paid.
  • I make up how I do business as I go along.
  • I love the work that I do, but I have a lot more time when what’s right in front of me is what’s in my awareness. Which is good when you have a dog as crazy as mine. I have distinctly more unchewed knickers as a result.

It seems to me what I have created is a minimalist business.

Much more like the lady on the right.

Everything that you need, nothing that you don’t.

With all the flouncy crap cut out.

Leaving the bare essentials.

It’s elegant, it’s graceful and I think it’s beautiful.

For me the days of the flouncy convulted business are over.

You’ll see much more from me on the practical elements of simplicity going forwards.

Long may the minimalist business reign.




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