The Simplicity Framework - part two

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If you missed Part One, you can find it here.

Recently I spent four days with Ken Manning and Robin Charbit at an intensive training where we discussed the relevance of the Three Principles for businesses.

Robin shared a metaphor that immediately made sense to me; so I wanted to share with you.

This is my version of it.

It’s like we have a front office inside our heads.

Mine’s full of filing cabinets, books, folders from previous marketing and mindset courses I’ve been on.

There are piles of journals with all my past ideas, and full of all the past successful and failed product launches I’ve ever done.

There are audios of all the conversations I’ve ever had with mentors and a telephone for me to instantly add more downloads to my collection by phoning a friend.

There’s also computer so I can google ‘how do I……?’ anything and get over a million pieces more information for my filing cabinet whenever I want.

There’s also a big poster of me – all the ideas of who I am, what I’m capable of, what my personality likes and doesn’t and how I do things.

For forty years of my life, whenever I felt inspired to create something, or faced a challenge in my business or life, I went to the front office for answers.

I rooted around in the filing cabinets, I put ‘how do I……?’ into Google and Amazon, added the books and information to my mental databanks and tried to sift through the information for the way to bring my inspirations to life and solve my business problems.

If that didn’t work, I’d look to my past experience: What worked? What didn’t? What did I try last time?

And I’d probably always call a few people and ask them what they thought.

That was because I had absolutely no idea that there’s a back office.

The back office is a source of completely new thinking that I’ve NEVER had before.

The back office can take an inspiration and give you the next step to do.

It might come with a ‘Wow! Of course! That’s brilliant!’ feeling, or it may come with a ‘Duh, of course’ feeling. Both come with a sense of knowing, a sense of obviousness and usually a sense of surprise that we didn’t think of it earlier.

The back office can take a business (or life) problem and give you a new thought that either

a) changes the nature of the problem (given that the problem was created through thought in the first place; fresh thought = disintegration of current version of the problem or the often the entire problem),or

b) gives you the bloody obvious solution.

What’s really cool is the back office seems to take the front office into account.

Given that I’m a woman with three kids and a husband and I live in Surrey and my knowledge of marketing is a and my mailing list is b and I like doing c, and I’m uncomfortable with d, and I know the person e and my understanding of the principles is f, here’s the Nicola-shaped solution just for you.

It’s perfectly designed just for me.

Here’s an example of a back-office solution.

Sitting on a sofa, minding my own business, handful of coaching clients, been wondering earlier in the week how to build my coaching practice.



WTF? That’s not a front office solution.

I was all set to do more networking events, learn about sales conversations and work out ways to grow the number of coaching clients I had.

The back office came up with a FAR better plan.

Out of nowhere.

The back office has had your back too.

Think back to the moment when you were inspired to set up your own business, or launch that think you absolutely loved doing.

My guess is you remember that moment of inspiration – and it wasn’t when you were rooting around in the front office looking for an answer.

That it came out of left field when you weren’t paying attention.

The more I realise the back office can handle it, the more I find myself throwing questions back there, then getting on with life and seeing what comes back.

How do I get to work with more clients?

Hand it to the back office.

How do I deal with my son being upset at school?

Hand it to the back office.

How do I find the money to do the thing I want to do?

Hand it to the back office.

And all of a sudden the amount of time and energy I’m spending shuffling papers in the front office has decreased hugely.

There’s nothing to do, just realise it’s there.

There’s always less to do than you think.

I’m interviewing Robin on Wednesday, so come join us to discuss this topic in more detail and post any questions you might have for him, or examples of where you’ve seen the back office in operation in your own life here…




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