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I wanted to share something with you that I saw just last week about the nature of simplicity.

It seems so obvious when I say it, but to me this was a breakthrough moment.

My team and I over at JigsawBox have been having those ‘download’ days recently – you know the ones where inspiration just shoots through you and onto a flip chart page.

We came up with some great ideas we were really excited about and also identified some of the restrictions to our business that we’re facing due to particular systems we are now using that looked like a great idea 4 years ago.

Our developers came up with some suggestions – some new tools that aren’t normally used in the coaching industry – things I haven’t come across before.

Six or seven of them.

And while they were talking about this system talking to that one, and that one pinging calls to this one, and the API hooks needed for that one (and generally geeking out), my heart sank.

“THIS IS NOT SIMPLE!” I was mentally screaming at them and put the phone down in a right old huff – dreams of my creations in tatters.

Spent the next ten minutes hating my stupid business, wishing I was a stay-at-home Mum and all the usual blah blah blah, then realised that I was probably NOT in the best frame of mind to be making any decisions as to what move to make next in the business so I went out and did something different instead.

Thank God I don’t have a real job and can take the dog for a walk whenever I fancy!

Over the next couple of days I just kind of gave up thinking about the ‘bloody complicated why can’t anything be simple’ problem and went about my life.

And two days later I saw something pretty cool.

The developers were looking at the systems and it all looked really simple to them.

I was looking a the systems and it was doing my head in.


The systems weren’t intrinsically complicated; they just were.

They were neither complicated or simple at all.

I just had different thinking to the developers about them.


(You’ll notice I write that a lot in my posts!)

And then somehow, as if by magic (which is how insight works), the systems kind of unravelled themselves in front of me over the next few days and just didn’t look so complicated at all.

NOTHING is complicated – it just looks that way sometimes.

Good to know 🙂



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