When I work with my clients here at the Simplicity Project, we have what what’s called ‘the transformative conversation’.

We also talk practical marketing and business growth strategies too because those can sometimes be handy when you’re running a business, but primarily what I’m up to isn’t showing my clients which strategies I’ve used to grow my own business, or how to write better sales copy.

What I’m up to is helping them get a sense of the powerful source of wisdom and clarity that’s available to us in any moment, but for our thinking. So they can come up with their own inspiration about how to grow their businesses.

Yes, it really is that simple.

But for our constant whirring of thoughts and the constant distraction of the flipside of those thoughts in the form of feelings, we have everything we’re looking for right at our fingertips. Right IN our fingertips in fact, as we’re MADE of the thing we’re all seeking.

Let me try to explain:

On one level we believe that once we have more clients, a bigger income, or make our mark on the world, then we’ll be able to relax. Then we’ll be OK. Perhaps even happy.

So we spend our time and energy trying to make those things happen. Sounds logical right? Given those things are what we’ve decided we want to happen, then we’ll obviously be happier when they do.

We then either:

  1. Hit the jackpot, create the six figures/hundred clients/ thousand youtube views/get what we’re after, pop a bottle of champagne then literally within minutes look around and wonder: ‘What’s next? I was happy for five minutes, but now I’m not so it must be something else I need to make me happy’, before we jump back on the treadmill using the same strategies we thought got us that first ‘thing’ (a combination of working and thinking really hard). Until we die. With piles of money in bank, but still searching for that elusive ‘thing’ on that very day. Or
  2. Don’t achieve the thing we thought would make us happy, blame ourselves for being crap, buy more how-to books and programs. Until we die. With no money in the bank and still thinking that that would have made everything OK.
  3. Don’t achieve the thing we thought would make us happy, drop out of the rat race, change what we think will make us happy (spending time with family and friends, making do with what we have) and go after that instead. Which leads us back to 1 or 2 above (only replace piles/lack of money with friends instead.)

We’re so busy working really hard in our heads, figuring out how to make those things happen, then working really hard to make sure that they do, that we miss something HUGE that’s right there, like I said, at our fingertips.

But for the misunderstanding about where that feeling we’re seeking actually comes from, and all that thinking that goes on as a result of that same misunderstanding, we have access to the very feeling we think comes AFTER we get all that stuff, RIGHT NOW.

This very second.

And once we realize that for ourselves, just get a glimpse, just for one millisecond, life changes forever.

Because that gives us an understanding of exactly what it was we were looking for all along.

And it that moment we see it has nothing to do with anything going on in the circumstances of our lives.

And once we get eyes for it, we experience it again. And then again. And again.

And all of a sudden we really see for ourselves that it’s right there ALL the time, whether we’re feeling it in that moment or not.

Whether we hit the six figures or not.

We’re home.

Regardless of what our bank account says.

And the really cool thing for business owners is that with that fundamental shift in understanding about where that feeling of home comes from and that it is unshakeably ours, creating income and impacting the world suddenly becomes a whole lot simpler.

The entrepreneur that shows up to do their work has transformed and as a consequence their results do too.

THAT’s what I’m up to with the transformative conversation.

I feel like I’ve discovered gold dust.

And because I have, one by one, my clients are starting too as well.

I have the best job in the world.




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