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100% reliable, 98% unpredictable

One night last week I was awake worrying about a decision. I had two options: I could go this way or that. This way would result in either a huge success or financial ruin. And so would the other. I'd been thinking about this problem for months. Decision time was...

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Going Upstream

"Never put anything in the washing machine unless the drier is empty." Frustrated at the laundry mountain produced by our family of five and being good at that sort of thing, my husband took it upon himself to do a root cause analysis to try to understand how on earth...

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Always Less To Do Than You Think – with Michael Neill

" Almost everyone has the life that's unfolding in front of them, and then the life they're trying to 'make happen'" - Michael Neill There's always less to do than you's a phrase I seem to end up using on nearly every client call. And my experience more...

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There’s always less to do than you think

Over the past few months, I've been creating some wonderful masterclasses on the theme of There's Always Less to Do than You Think. I've been creating them with the best mentors and coaches in this field that I've had the opportunity to work with over the past three...

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What does simplicity mean to me today?

I've been speaking, coaching and blogging on the subject of simplicity for the last three years, and what simplicity means has really shifted and changed over the years. In 2013 simplicity meant ruthlessly cutting back, getting clear one my ONE big goal, reducing my...

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The things money can’t buy

I haven't written for a while. Mainly because I've been out complicating things again 🙂 But then last week, right in the middle of an absolute racket going on in my head about the future, and what I might fill it with, I all of a sudden I woke up. It was raining and...

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How to chill the f*ck out

This week's advice to chill the fuck out is all you actually need to know to have a completely different experience of your business and life. Nothing changes, but everything looks different when you Just. Chill. The. Fuck. Out. Here’s why that is. Entrepreneurs are...

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The Solution

In summary, here’s the problem: 1.    Most entrepreneurs are hooked on crack 2.    Nearly everybody (entrepreneurs included) believes their thinking So now, to the solution…. After I’d spectacularly crashed and burned as a result of number 1, I found that the idea of...

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The Problem – Part Two

In The Problem – Part One, I wrote about how I used to be a crack junkie. (Note to self, must find a better description than this or my SEO is going to be very wonky). And about how it’s the number one problem I see entrepreneurs come up against – the addiction to the...

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