The Business Transformation Program

The Business Transformation Program is an opportunity for us to work up close and personally together on your business to help you create the results you want to see in the world.

The program lasts for 13 weeks and during this time not only will we be working to totally transform your business into one that is simple, elegant and profitable, but you’ll be gaining insights and breakthroughs that mean you’ll be able to continue to refine your entrepreneurial journey in this way long after we’ve finished.

We'll  delve deep into your business, your challenges, your vision and what’s stopping you from getting there.

During this session we’re looking to fundamentally shift the foundations from which you do business because success as an entrepreneur is an inside job.

Working with Nicola opened my eyes to a completely new way of being. I grappled to get my head around some of the concepts (as they are so different to what conventional business strategy says) but once I had relaxed into it, I discovered a more relaxed, graceful and joyful way of working without the 'shoulds', without the overwhelm and without the constant questioning about whether what I was doing was "right". Thank you Nic for opening my eyes to a simpler and more joyful life.

In addition, I helped Nicola launch her business JigsawBox by taking care of the legals with her and have watched in awe as she built that business to 7 figures. She has been extremely savvy with list building and joint venture partners and has created a business that most of us dream of - a 7 figure business that pretty much runs itself! If you want to know anything about business or marketing, then in my view Nicola is one of the best people to learn from, as she teaches from experience.

Suzanne Dibble Entrepreneur, multi-award winning lawyer and founder of the Small Business Legal Academy

Now I’ve taken a business from zero to seven figures in just under 4 years, and I’ll hold nothing back about what I learned on the way.

But the real power behind how we’ll be working together is a deeper understanding of the human being that's showing up to the marketing how-tos, in us taking a closer look at what’s going on between your ears, rather than on your website.

What can you expect to experience from working with me in this way?

Well to be honest, we don’t know what’s possible for you.

Previous clients have landed huge corporate clients more easily and effortlessly than ever before, been inspired by totally new product ideas, been able to move forward after years of spinning, increased their incomes and created whole new brands.

When Nicola introduced me to this very simple understanding about how humans work in October 2013, we had turned over £197,000 with a profit of £50,ooo and owed £20k on credit things are different.

Our turnover is up to £750,000 and profits are up to £250,000 and no debt on personal cards so you could say a dramatic difference !

It has also enabled me to serve my clients at a much deeper level - the effects I'm seeing with them are truly transformational.​

David Key NLP and 3 Principles Trainer

What’s pretty much guaranteed is you’ll experience a sense of simplicity, ease and grace as you implement more effortlessly than ever before.

The investment in The Business Transformation Program is £2,500 (plus VAT).

I can only work with a small number of entrepreneurs in this way at any one time, and I only want to work with business owners who are working on something I’m pretty excited about.

With that in mind, if you’d like to be considered for one of the places, please email me at so that we can set up a convenient time to chat and see if it’s a fit for both of us.

I was at a stage where I was starting to question if being a Yoga Teacher was the right career, although I totally loved what I was doing. The downside was running around London teaching numerous classes leading to me feeling burnt out.

It seemed obvious to me the next logical step was to go online or so I thought. That all changed once I started working with Nicola - I realised that path actually wasn't for me.

With simplicity and ease a whole new path opened up for me which I could never saw coming and still don't. "CurveSomeYoga" was born out of the blue: a movement that is about changing the face of yoga and making yoga more accessible to plus size individuals.

There was no planning or strategy it just felt right.

Nicola enabled me to explore this. The idea just came from a place of knowing and just felt right - sounds a little whoo, whoo but that's the truth.

Life has become so much easier and more rewarding. Ideas flow but they come from a deeper place.

Donna Noble Yoga Teacher
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