I’ve recently signed up to do a Cordon Bleu intensive training program.

I honestly think it might kill me – I haven’t done anything 9-5 for thirteen years.

I’m used to dropping the kids at school, arranging my day as I like, dressed as I like, and can normally always find an hour to squeeze in a read of Red Magazine or watch a Masterchef if I so desire.

I’ll be blogging my foodie journey over at nics-kitchen.com for anyone who wants to follow along.

Here you’ll see me blog about what I see fresh and new about life as I juggle three kids, two businesses, outsource the dog during the day and do the course.

Simplicity? Ha!

Not on the outside.

But could it still be possible to have the experience of simplicity on the inside despite all that going on?

I guess we’ll find out.

But today I wanted to share a particular experience I’ve been having.

This course is expensive. That’s arbitrary I know, but it’s the way it feels to me right now.

And to be honest it’s brought up a whole load of noisy old thinking.

“What about the kid’s school fees?”

“What if I’m not focussing on ‘building my business properly’ for the next 6 months?’

‘Will I still be able to keep up with my blog?’

‘What if I’m crap at cooking?’ (Have you SEEN my previous attempts?)

‘What about the fact the kids will have to stay at school and extra half an hour every day and I’ll miss all their matches?’

‘What if I blow all this money and it goes no where?’

I could go on for several pages but I won’t bore you.

I realised I’m in a noisy old thought storm.

“Step away from the computer and go have some lunch” was all I knew to do in that moment.

And I picked up Red magazine as I was eating and there was an extract from a new book by Caitlin Moran talking about her advice for teenage girls.

Here’s what I read:

“Here is a promise, and a fact: you will never, in your life, ever have to deal with anything more than the next minute. However much it feels like you are approaching an event – an exam, a conversation a decision, a kiss – where , if you screw it up, the entire future will just burn to hell in front of you and you will end: you are not. That will never happen. That is not what happens.

The minutes always come one at a time, inside hours that come one at a time, inside days that come one at a time – all orderly strung, like pearls on a necklace, suspended in a graceful line. You will never, ever, have to deal with more than the net 60 seconds. Do the calm, right thing that needs to be done in the minute. The work, or the breathing or the smile. You can do that, just for one minute. And if yuou can do a minute, you can do the next.”

Wisdom shows up in unusual places.

And it was just what I needed to hear.

Who knows what’s going to happen, or what I’ll know to do next month or even next week. I can definitely paint some scary pictures with my thinking if I so choose. That gets really complicated.

The next 60 seconds I can handle. That’s far simpler.

The rest can take care of itself.

(P.S. I LOVE Caitlin’s writings and her new book:Moranifesto is out tomorrow – I have just pre-ordered my copy:)

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