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Last time I was in La Conner, Washington, with my mentor George Pransky, he took me to one side and said to me:

” Nicola, we’ve been talking about you, and we think you must be a really strong believer in the after-life.”

Blank stare from me.

“It seems to me that you live your life as if being happy is something that comes after. After the next business idea, after the kids leave for school in the morning, after they get home at night, after you have this many clients, after you’ve come here to spend time with us. It’s always after, it’s never now.”

And he set me some homework (which is very VERY unlikely George if you’ve ever met him!)

He asked me to spend the next four days at the training as if happiness were actually the priority I kept proclaiming it was.

When he said this to me, it touched me – did something to my very insides – I can’t explain what.

And for the next four days I experienced the most blissful days I think I’ve probably had.

I can’t describe it – I just felt calm, and at peace and so present and just….well…… happy.

It was so simple.

And that feeling continued for the next two weeks when I got back home.

I think I’d always been a little bit afraid that if I got happy now, then I’d just sit around on the sofa doing nothing all day – getting fat and poor.

But it didn’t work out that way.

I still did stuff in my business, I still did stuff around the house, I still did stuff with my clients and with my kids.

But there was joy in all of it – it was totally easy and I just got on with stuff, but happily.

And I was present and engaged in the moment – in the thing in front of me right now.

It sounds so cheesy, but instead of being up in my head planning my next business launch,  I could see the start of Autumn (see picture above!), I noticed the last roses of summer, and fell in love with whatever client was right in front of me.

The simple things.

Not later.


Now I hasten to say, this wasn’t something I concentrated on doing, or talked myself into, or had to remind myself of for the next four days – George said something, probably not even what I typed above, I got touched by the truth of it, and something inside me changed.

It was truly transformative.

I had nothing to do with it.

There’s always less to do than we think.



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