So here’s the start of a new adventure: John El-Mokadem and myself have been BFFs since we met as we both apprenticed with Michael Neill in 2014.

Each week since that first training we’ve had a Friday lunchtime skype chat together about life.

Over that time we’ve discussed everything from tantrumming children to growing our businesses, from house-building projects to wayward and badly behaving puppies (and more ‘serious’ things too of course), and it occurred to us that some of these chats we’ve been having might be helpful for other people to hear.

I never fail to walk away from our calls with insights and fresh thinking and I’m so excited that we’ve started this project together.

We’re hoping this turns into a regular podcast, but who knows how it will pan out?

Anyway, here’s the first episode of the Simplicity  Sessions.

Enjoy, and more importantly, leave a comment below to let us know what you think; and what questions you have about what we’re discussing to give us some fodder for future topics.

We can’t do this without you x


You’re already here at the Simplicity Project site; and click here for John’s website too.


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