In today’s episode you’re going to hear Helen share her story.

Helen experienced anxiety for most of her life, and at one stage was completely unable to travel along a particular stretch of road unless she was hidden under a blanket, or so drunk she could cope with the fear.

In this audio she shares the huge turnaround that has happened for her as a result of being in this conversation, and we discuss the nature of insight as a catalyst for change.

Helen was also incidentally one of my first coaching clients when I began coaching from my understanding of the Principles and she demonstrates how slow gradual change can be so breathtakingly beautiful.



Additional resources:

During the audio, you’ll hear Helen reference a masterclass I created to teach what I have seen that changed my own anxiety. You can register for the call here:

In addition we talk about a recent blog post that I shared about my insights into anxiety – you can find that here:

John has also written some wonderful pieces on the same subject that you might find useful.

This piece talks about the transformative nature of the Principles understanding in creating change:

And this post discusses the impact of this understanding in terms of it’s impact on health:

If you enjoyed this week’s Simplicity Session, you can find others here:

Do let us know what you think, or any questions you have – we’d love to connect.


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