In summary, here’s the problem:

1.    Most entrepreneurs are hooked on crack
2.    Nearly everybody (entrepreneurs included) believes their thinking

So now, to the solution….

After I’d spectacularly crashed and burned as a result of number 1, I found that the idea of simplicity came to me.

I can’t entirely recall how, it just became an idea that appealed as a solution to what felt like an overwhelming pressure of the complexities in my business, which I held responsible for me being unable to cope any more.

At this point I still had no idea I was a crack addict.

So I consumed every book and every blog I could find on the topic of simplicity (in the way that an addict would) – all of which talked about how to clear out your wardrobe, find and focus on the ONE thing, reduce your spending and lead a more minimalist lifestyle.

There was such a sense of relief for me in the concept that I could just cut all the crap out of my life and be left with a simpler one.

I sat down and spoke my thoughts into a short 8 minute video about what I had realised and posted it on Facebook.

Within a few hours, there were hundreds of comments  and shares – I had obviously hit a nerve with some frazzled entrepreneurs out there who were also feeling the same way I did.

Interestingly, when I listen back to that video now, you can hear the crack edge to my voice. “Come on everyone, let’s work really hard to make our lives simple!” was my rallying cry. Yes, I did really say that.

And with that I set about reducing my team, un-complicating the back end of my business and eliminating the busy work from my calendar.

It was GREAT – it gave me such a buzz.

See how insidious the addiction is?

I decided that the THING I was doing (running my software company) had lost it’s thrill for me – it was no longer giving me the high it once was – so I began the search for my new THING that would give me the high I so desperately craved.

I reading all the  books and blogs and programs and courses I could get my hands on all about how to find your perfect THING. This became my new obsession and my Amazon bill raced back to astronomical levels as I searched for the answer that surely this time would give me relief.

It was then, completely by accident (or so it appeared) that I inadvertently stumbled across a handful of books with a common theme that promised clarity, simplicity and a different way of working with individuals to help them get results.

I had been a student of psychology and in the business of helping people live up to their full potential for 25 years, but what was being shared with me in the books I was reading was unlike anything I had heard before.

“This must be my new THING,” I decided.

So I started reading all the  books and blogs and programs and courses I could get my hands on all about this description of how human beings really work, and within weeks, I had signed up as an apprentice to a leading teacher in the field, Michael Neill so that I could satisfy this new craving at the most intense level (at the time I considered him to be the best crack dealer I could find).

What ensued was the most wonderful and unexpected journey that transformed my life.

Despite my best attempts to tempt Michael to indulge me in my crack habit, he gently but firmly refused to play the game.

Everytime I would show up to a call to him he would open the call with: ‘what would you like to talk about today?’ and I would pull out my list of ‘very important issues’ and what would pour out of my mouth at top speed was a list of questions I needed answers to, requests for him to help me to decide on this or that and wanting his opinion on my latest business venture plus if he could cure my acute anxiety while he was at it, I would be very grateful thank you very much.

All at 100 miles an hour.

What he saw, and what I now see in my own clients was a crack addict, totally high on the adrenaline of a speedy mind and mired in insecurity.

Michael, and the many other wonderful teachers who followed him, helped me come off the crack.

And now, through what I’ve seen for myself in this journey, I now help other business owners do the same.

Because, you see, coming off the crack is wonderful in and of itself.

But what’s really cool is this whole other world opens up to you once you start to get even a little bit clean that was completely invisible to you before.

That’s what this blog is about.

Because what I’ve found the other side of the crack addiction is a calmness, a peace of mind, and relaxed way to be in life.

I have a freedom from anxiety and migraines, better relationships with the people I love and a much quieter yet stronger way of being in business that’s filled with creativity, yet also a profound simplicity, ease and grace.

And I no longer believe what I think so much of the time.

This what I do now amongst other things (because there never really was a THING to be found).

Helping entrepreneurs come off the crack.

And there was far less to do than you might think.




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