The Business Transformation Intensive

25-28 April 2016

The Business Transformation Intensive is an intimate program that has been created for a maximum of 8 visionary entrepreneurs who want to transform their business by creating extra-ordinary results whilst also enjoying a simple experience of success without stress.

​If you've been inspired by the conversations you've experienced here at The Simplicity Project, and you want to roll your sleeves up and get a real grasp of the practical implications of understanding the Principles at a deeper level, whilst also tackling your personal challenges in your business growth and marketing, this is your opportunity to spend four days doing just that.

It will transform the way you do business. So that you can experience more simplicity, ease and grace. Along with extra-ordinary results.​

​If this sounds like you, read on:

  • You have a basic grasp of the Principles but you haven't yet had the 'breakthrough' you've been looking for
  • You've got a vision for your business that excites you, but you're feeling overwhelmed by what you think it's going to take to get there
  • You want to spend some time with other successful entrepreneurs who are at a similiar level in their business, yet who are also curious about how the Principles can impact on their bottom line
  • You know there's something profound on offer for you through this conversation, and you'd like to find out what it is!
  • You're realised that the strategies you've been using to take your business to it's current level are going to have to change if you're going to take a leap to the next level
  • You're working waaaay too hard, you're driven, your work-life balance is totally off and something's got to change!
  • You just know your business could be simpler, but you need a fresh perspective (and the eyes of a seasoned marketer on your plans)

how does it work?

The Business Transformation Intensive runs for four days in the beautiful Surrey countryside starting Monday 25th April through to Thursday 28th April.

Bring your biggest business challenges, bring an open mind - we're going to be going deeper into the transformative conversation and tackling practical business issues over the four days together.​

Accommodation (3 nights) and all food will be provided throughout your stay in this luxury venue - which we'll have all to ourselves, and due to the intimate nature of the event, there will be a maximum of 8 participants.

In addition to the group conversation, there will also be a 1:1 coaching session available to you from both teachers, and 3 follow up calls after the live training.

Who is leading the retreat?

nicola bird

You probably know me (!) - my name is Nicola Bird and as a result of the understanding I'll be sharing in the Business Transformation Intensive, the way I show up in life and the way I do business has totally transformed and it has done the same for the lives and incomes of the people I've been sharing it with over the past two years.

I’m in flow in my business more of the time, the creative and innovative ideas are there whenever I need them and I'm overcoming challenges far more elegantly than in the past (!). I’ve taken my team from 10 to 3 , and simplified my business hugely, whilst still taking the biggest salary I ever have in 2015.

My family life is more relaxed and enjoyable, my anxiety and migraines have disappeared and I’m fitter and healthier too– all as a direct result of understanding the inner game we're all playing as entrepreneurs.

The results?

I'm inspired by innovative business ideas whenever I need them, able to solve the challenges I face and impact my bank account in a way that just wasn't possible before.

It might sound weird, but I feel like I"ve found the piece that I felt was missing even when my business hit seven figures. I have a deeper understanding of where inspiration comes from, which has impacted how I operate on a day-to-day basis. And THAT, though intangible, has been incredibly valuable.

'I turned up to my intensive with an open mind but also a longing to get some kick-ass business tips to hit my income goals, easily.

It's hard to put into words what we did over the 3 days - a mix of looking in different directions, dipping into the tangible marketing advice, and some interesting conversations.

Whilst I came away with some of the tangible marketing advice I was secretly looking for, I also came away with something I couldn't have predicted - a real sense of grounding, of seeing something I have never really seen before, a knowing that I'll be okay whatever happen in my business, and that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

Yes, there are plans to achieve my income targets, but somehow they seem less important now.

One thing I know with certainty is, I am very much looking forward to continuing this conversation and see what wisdom brings me.'

Alison Bradford Business Coach

Before I worked with you, Nic, I was being a control freak and thinking that I was the one that had to make it ALL happen. I was working really hard at growing my business but wasn't getting the proportional results for the effort I was putting in.

I wanted simplicity and this is exactly what I am achieving. You told me I would get rid of 90% off my to-do list (which I remember laughing at) and now I have no to-do list and work intuitively on what needs sorting.

How is this different from other programs out there? There's no homework and nothing to do (and I know that sounds odd and completely ridiculous but once you start working with Nic, you will find out ALL about this in a very good way!)

Nic, you came at just the right time for me. You've cut through the crap of self-help woo woo stuff and helped me realise how to strip my business and life back so I enjoy the process rather than chasing results.

And funnily enough, in focusing on the process, I now enjoy better results than when I used to focus solely on results! I feel calmer, more at peace and love that I am developing my ability to laugh at myself more ... oh and my business is doing rather well out it too!

Stripping back my business to basics was really scary at the time, but 18 months on I've been able to create so much more from doing less - I've created more value for my clients and created more revenue & time or me. What's not to love!

Karen Skidmore Client Catalyst, Author & Speaker

john el-mokadem

John has coached numerous individual clients and worked with a number of large corporations, teaching coaching and leadership skills.

As part of his own development, however, he began to notice flaws with the traditional ‘outside-in’ coaching models. He realised that much of the time what he was seeking in pursuing goals was a sense of peace and wellbeing.

Traditional coaching models tend to feed the illusion that this is something that is only available to us when we actually achieve what we think we want. The problem with this is it risks deferring our wellbeing to a point in the future, and keeps us locked into a cycle of ‘needing’ to achieve, and fearing what will happen if we don’t.

This realisation caused John to begin working ‘inside-out’.

“John El-Mokadem is a born teacher and a wonderfully gifted coach. He stands as a quiet but unwavering advocate for the power of a spiritual understanding in transforming the mind and body and creating results in the world.

Michael Neill Transformative Coach

He works with his clients to understand the Principles that underlie their human experience. This holds the key to them understanding their state of mind and transforms their experience of life, helping them to connect to much deeper levels of wellbeing no matter what is happening with their circumstances.

From here, they are able to engage in their life and work from a state of flow, ease and resilience, which enables them to be far more productive, creative and happier.

John's style of coaching is tangential to ‘traditional’ styles of coaching and I found my brain being ‘short circuited’ on my first session! But from that place of settled down thinking emerged a beautiful and quiet wisdom. As a direct result I have experienced massive leaps in both my feelings of calm and wellbeing and also in my professional performance. I cannot recommend him highly enough!” 

Katie Duncan Commercial Airline Pilot

Note from Nicola: John and I have worked closely together in the past, and I've had more insights in the company of this man than anyone else I think!​

A couple of years ago I experienced an insight that allowed me to transform almost overnight from a very hard working and underpaid expert to a premium coach who works a lot less and earns a lot more whilst doing work that I love.

In the past year working with Nic with the simplicity framework I’ve been able to reduce my entrepreneurial anxiety so that my state of mind is now aligned with my freedom business.

I’ve also stopped doing a lot of things that I’d done for most of my adult life such as spending hours journalling about my worries, and instead used the time to write a new book.

The book launch was the simplest and most stress free launch I’ve ever done and the book hit international bestseller in 5 countries!

Although I’m far from perfect with simplicity, I finally have a mindset that I can tap into instantly and no longer need to be constantly ‘working on myself’ and reading every self-help book ever written.

Nic is a real inspiration to work with and I’m so happy i followed my gut and joined her program.​

Really appreciate being able to talk about stuff with you, Nic,  that I just wouldn't get a chance to talk about usually.​

Rachel Henke Freedom Coach & Author of The Freedom Solution

When Nicola introduced me to this very simple understanding about how humans work in October 2013,  we had turned over £197,000 with a profit of £50,ooo and owed £20k on credit things are different.

Our turnover is up to £750,000 and profits are up to £250,000 and no debt on personal cards so you could say a dramatic difference !

It has also enabled me to serve my clients at a much deeper level - the effects I'm seeing with them are truly transformational.​


David Key NLP and 3 Principles Trainer


The Business Transformation Intensive is £2997 (plus VAT). This includes 3 nights' accommodation (Monday-Thursday) and meals throughout your stay.

A non-refundable deposit of £1000 is required to secure your place, with the balance due 14 days before the event.

I was at a stage where I was starting to question if being a Yoga Teacher was the right career, although I totally loved what I was doing. The downside was running around London teaching numerous classes leading to me feeling burnt out.

It seemed obvious to me the next logical step was to go online or so I thought. That all changed once I started working with Nicola - I realised that path actually wasn't for me.

With simplicity and ease a whole new path opened up for me which I could never saw coming and still don't. "CurveSomeYoga" was born out of the blue: a movement that is about changing the face of yoga and making yoga more accessible to plus size individuals.

There was no planning or strategy it just felt right.

Nicola enabled me to explore this. The idea just came from a place of knowing and just felt right - sounds a little whoo, whoo but that's the truth.

Life has become so much easier and more rewarding. Ideas flow but they come from a deeper place.

Donna Noble Yoga Teacher

how do I find out more?

The Business Transformation Intensive isn't the right program for everyone. I want to work with people who understand the value of the Principles and understand the practical value of deepening your grounding as it relates to your business results. And I want to get the mix in the group right in terms of the stage of business you're currently at so that you can benefit from each other's expertise during mastermind sessions.

With that in mind, if you'd like to be considered for a place on the program, please book a slot for a short conversation where I will share more details about the program, assess your suitability more deeply, and answer any questions you may have.

I know there are a million programs you could be signing up to today to help you grow your business. But if you want to work closely with a mentor who's actually created a seven figure revenue, worked with some of the top marketing 'gurus, and the leaders in the field of the inner game, and is ready to share that understanding with a small group of entrepreneurs, alongside a mentor with a deeper understanding of the principles than almost anyone else I know, we'd love to have the opportunity to work with you.

P.S. Please note that 10% of the proceeds of Inspire 100 will be donated to the Hunger Project, a charity that aims to end chronic world hunger in our lifetime through empowering the women in local communities. The stories of these women never fail to inspire me, I'd love this program to support them in return.​

After all the dozens of courses and programs I have done, this was the most liberating. Truly liberating.

I let go the angst-y need to prepare marketing plans, write blogs to a timetable and work hard at getting new business in. And somehow it all gets handled.

I used to worry about getting new business in the door. And then I worried that if I didn’t worry about it, everything would fall apart – like it was a thing that needed me to worry about it. Crazy I know.

And when I stopped worrying or even caring, clients kept turning up and asking to work with me. And I don’t need to tell you, they are the best kind.

And then there were the public speaking events. In the past, I would spend hours thinking about and preparing my talks, working on powerpoints, yadayada… Now, I just turn up and know that the right words will come. The first time was pretty scary. Even as I was being introduced, I was thinking, ‘What the hell am I going to say now?’ And then I started and they could hardly shut me up. And every single person there requested a session with me. Simplicity itself.

So how is life different? Difficult to define, but I know it is more relaxed and more spontaneous. I smile a lot more and spend more time doing things I love – like reading and gardening and hanging out in the coffee shop with friends and travelling; basically all the things I thought only working really hard and worrying about it would get me. The business continues to come in and the revenue continues to grow.

Lesley Ann Grimoldby Business Coach


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