10 days of simplicity

create extra-ordinary results with the inner game of simplicity

Kicking off with a sixty-minute masterclass on Simplicity In Business, the 10 Days Of Simplicity will give you a fresh perspective and insights into the way you run your business and life.

My name is Nicola Bird and over the last three years I have been immersed in a new understanding that explains how and why people create the results they want in the world – the simplest way possible.​

It’s completely and utterly different from anything I’ve come across in the 20 years I’ve spent studying Psychology and personal development.​

It's a game changer. It's the inner game of simplicity.

As a result of this understanding, the way I show up in life and the way I do business has totally transformed and continues to do so.​

I’m meeting my financial goals easily and more effortlessly than ever before, I’m working less than ever, I’ve taken my team from 10 to 3, and simplified my business hugely.

My family life is more relaxed and enjoyable, my migraines have disappeared and I’m fitter and healthier too – all as a direct result of this understanding.

And I’ve pretty much stopped worrying about my kids, my business and whether my life is heading in the direction I think it should.

Yes, that thing I bet you do 24/7 whether you realize it or not.

Put simply – I’m experiencing more simplicity, ease and grace than ever before – and I want to share with you what I’ve learned

The 10 Days To Simplicity allows me to do just that – and costs you absolutely nothing to join.

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