mental healthThis is a very personal post for me – and an audio I hope will be a resource for those of you who are total anxious control freaks.

Not just ‘Oh yes, I’m a total control freak, just ask my husband’ kind of way, but for those of you who have such strong levels of anxiety and fear that sweating palms and panick attacks are part of your everyday life.

Why post this on what is, essentially, a blog that aims to be a resource for entrepreneurs?

Because since I have been more open about sharing my own personal journey through anxiety and panic (which I haven’t shared very widely up until this point), I’ve found it’s not an uncommon theme amongst entrepreneurs.

If you’re anxious, stressed and panicky – this one’s just for you – with all my love.

Everyone else – feel free to ignore today’s post!

Please note, this audio is around an hour long so please feel free to download it here if you like to listen while you walk, or just click to listen right here on the page.

And this is definitely one to share if you have any friends or relatives with anxiety.

Let me know if this resonates.

In addition, I wanted to add this video resource to this post – Mara Gleason talks so eloquently about her experience of anxiety and what she saw that disintegrated it. Click below to watch.


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