I read a LOT.

I literally used to read a book a day.

I’ve slowed down a bit more to the speed of life now 🙂

And I’d love to take some time here to share with you my all time favourites – the ones I return to again and again, curled up on my sofa in the corner of the kitchen with the dog next to me, cup of tea in hand in those rare hours when the house is at peace (ie all kids are at school and dog is knackered and I’ve finished destroying the kitchen for the day).

You can find the others I’ve reviewed on this link here, and I’ll be adding more as I go so keep checking back.

This book is a wonderful amble into a gentler way of living.

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For someone who was (and still sometimes is) convinced that squeezing more into every day is the way to be more productive, I continually used to find myself saying “Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up” to my kids for an hour between 7 and 8 every morning.

And as I head into every school holiday, I always seem to forget that I’m going at a pace that’s just not compatible with lazing around with little ones – resulting in a whole load of shouting in our house as we all adjust.

I used to spend my whole life living in that tense, speedy, racing head, leaning forward, never really listening, never having enough time state – I’m sure you know the one.

I sought team members for my business that would help me go even faster, worked standing up because it felt faster and thought my speedy brain was the secret to my business success.

The feeling of being rushed saturates our entire way of life. We measure our success in life by our level of efficiency and our ability to stay on top of it all.

is just one quote from the book, and

Many of unconsciously are indoctrinating our children into our ‘squeeze it all in mentality’.

Sound familiar?

The mere turning of the pages of this book (on my kindle because it felt like I could go faster!) slowed me down and at the time I couldn’t have told you why.

With many of these books I’ll share with you, I’ve read them many times – and this one I return to often because it reminds me of how much easier it is to live life with simplicity, ease and grace when I slow down to the speed of life.

There are many books I will share about the nature of the human experience, and this one in particular I love for it’s distinction between ‘process’ and ‘free flowing’ thought.

There’s a simplicity in the author’s explanation of the principles behind what I’m sharing here at the Simplicity Project that makes this one of my favourite books on the topic.

Richard Carlson and Joe Bailey explain that we attempt to run our lives, make decisions and interact with others using our ‘process’ or intellectual reasoning, mainly because we never even realised the alternative was an option.

In the free-flowing mode, we have the ability to think new thoughts – thoughts that we have never yet considered. People have conventionally referred to this kind of thinking as intuition, creativity, inspiration, wisdom, insight, realizations, out of the blue thoughts, or divine inspiration.

There are no lists of ‘how to’s’ and no need to juggle the external circumstances of our lives in order to slow down and experience this free-flow thinking, merely seeing the truth of how the system works for ourselves in our own lives is enough to work the magic.

And it certainly helps on a very practical level with both business and parenting!

I ♡ this book.

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Is this one going onto your reading list?








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