The Business Transformation Intensive

VIP early bird applications close 14th February​


(Please note, you are seeing this page because you are an Inspire 100 member, in other words, a VIP invited to take advantage of the early bird VIP chance to apply for the limited places on this program. Please do not share this page - no one else will be invited to apply before your closing date of 14th February in order that you have the best possible chance of your application being successful.)

The Business Transformation Intensive is an invitation - only intimate program that has been created for a maximum of 10 visionary entrepreneurs who want to transform their business by creating extra-ordinary results whilst also enjoying a simple experience of success without stress.

​If you've been inspired by the conversations you've experienced here at The Simplicity Project, and you know you want to take your grounding in the Principles to the next level, whilst also tackling the practical challenges in your business growth and marketing, this is your opportunity to spend four days together in a luxury setting going deeper. Follow up 1:1 coaching is also included.

It will transform the way you do business. So that you can experience more simplicity, ease and grace. Along with extra-ordinary results.​

​If this sounds like you, read on:

  • You have a basic grasp of the Principles but you haven't yet had the 'breakthrough' you've been looking for
  • You've got a vision for your business that excites you, but you're feeling overwhelmed by what you think it's going to take to get there
  • You want to spend some time with other successful entrepreneurs who are at a similiar level in their business, yet who are also curious about how the Principles can impact on their bottom line
  • You know there's something profound on offer for you through this conversation, and you'd like to find out what it is!
  • You're realised that the strategies you've been using to take your business to it's current level are going to have to change if you're going to take a leap to the next level
  • You're working waaaay too hard, you're driven, your work-life balance is totally off and something's got to change!
  • You just know your business could be simpler, but you need a fresh perspective (and the eyes of a seasoned marketer on your plans)

The Business Transformation Intensive isn't the right program for everyone. I want to work with people who understand the value of the Principles and understand the value of deepening their grounding as it relates to their results. And I want to get the mix in the group right in terms of the stage of business you're currently at so that you can benefit from each other's expertise during mastermind sessions.

With that in mind, if you'd like to be considered for a place on the program, please complete this short application form as fully as possible before the end of 14th February. On 15 February I will be emailing all applicants to let you know if you've been shortlisted for a short conversation where I will share more details about the program, assess your suitability more deeply, and you can ask any questions you may have.

After this date, if there are still spaces remaining, this invitation will be extended more widely to those I feel might be a fit for the program, but as an Inspire 100 member, I wanted to give you the first opportunity to submit your application.​

I have introduced this process for this program as I'm committed to all participants having the best possible results from the program, and that means inviting only those that will truly benefit from this particular Intensive.

There are tons of Wufoo features to help make your forms awesome.

'I turned up to my intensive with an open mind but also a longing to get some kick-ass business tips to hit my income goals, easily.

It's hard to put into words what we did over the 3 days - a mix of looking in different directions, dipping into the tangible marketing advice, and some interesting conversations.

Whilst I came away with some of the tangible marketing advice I was secretly looking for, I also came away with something I couldn't have predicted - a real sense of grounding, of seeing something I have never really seen before, a knowing that I'll be okay whatever happen in my business, and that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

Yes, there are plans to achieve my income targets, but somehow they seem less important now.

One thing I know with certainty is, I am very much looking forward to continuing this conversation and see what wisdom brings me.'

Alison Bradford Business Coach


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