Dear Tilly

I wanted to write this post to you to share with you how much I love you and why I do the things I have chosen to do with my life.

I know it sometimes seems like your Mum is always at work – I can’t get to every hockey match to shout at the sidelines, I travel to the other side of the world so you sometimes have to go to after school club and breakfast club, and I often have so much on my mind that I pack your little brother’s swimming trunks in your bag by mistake – much to your disgust when that’s all you have to wear in the lesson.

Here’s why I do what I do.

I want to pay for you to have the best schooling – I want to do more with my life than fold up the laundry – I want to use my brain – I want to have fun.

I want to inspire you.

I want to show you it’s possible for women to hold their family close to their hearts and create  a successful business – to create an impact on the world – to create something where there was once nothing – and to hang out with some of the most interesting and inspirational people on the planet.

And I know that when I do it ‘badly’ and our lives get a little chaotic when I (cough) forget to pick you up from the summer club, I’m probably not inspiring you at all.

That’s what’s behind my current quest to find simplicity.

You see, why would you ever want to become an enterpreneur if you think it means working crazy hours, worrying about where the money is coming from and running round like a headless chicken?

Yet that’s what so many of us mums/entrepreneurs have to do.

We’re not inspring you – if anything we’re putting you off!

“I know, I’ll get a nice office job in a big corporate where they pay you every day, even if you get sick or take a holiday and you don’t have to travel and leave your family behind.”


The world needs women like YOU, Tilly, to make a difference.

To create jobs for others, to inspire others to live their best lives, to create things from nothing, to live life on your terms, to help generate the economy is going to need to look after old fogies like me.

That’s why I do what I do.

I want women to inspire the next generation of entrepeneurs instead of putting our children off.

So please forgive me the frantic “get-out” hand wagging when you come into the office and I’m running a webinar.

Please excuse the “in a minute” you get sometimes when you ask me a question.

And I hate that bloody iphone as much as you do.

I’m trying to work it out – to get it right.

I want to inpire you Tilly.



PS Remind me to share this post with your brother and sister when they turn 10 and might have a chance of understanding it!


As I post this an idea occurs to me. If this resonates with you I’d love to ask you to post your own letter to your children (or friend’s children) about why you do what you do and share the link here – or just type it in below.  What an awesome collection of letters that would be to share with the next generation of entrepreneurs – I’ll make a cool video of then or something!

Are you in?


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