day 20As well as being a business owner, a dog owner, a husband owner and general all round housekeeper, I also have three lovely children. And I’m an ordinary human being.

Any of you who are Mums will understand the following Facebook rant I posted the other day when the logistics all overwhelmed me.

However read on to find out the difference an understanding of how we work makes even to this common everyday (it’s not just me, right?) experience…

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Before I understood how human beings work:

The school has zero appreciation of working mothers.

I’m going to rant on Facebook to vent my fury.

If one person even hints that they’re going to ‘get out their sewing machine and whip something up’, I’m deleting them from my phone’

I’m a crap Mum.

What’s wrong with my child that he doesn’t like dressing up?

Was it something I did?

Perhaps he needs therapy.

I’m a crap Mum.

If I didn’t work, I could sit at home all day making pirate costumes.

Now I’m going to have to go all the way into town and spend twenty quid on a stupid costume that he won’t want to wear anyway.

How am I supposed to run a business and do this crazy shit?

I’m a crap Mum.”


Huff and puff.

Drive slightly dangerously with mind not on the road.

Start brainstorming ideas for new businesses that require NONE of my time at all to run.

Research new houses on the internet where we could live near a state school and earn less money so we couldn’t afford any of the tennis/ballet/horse riding lessons

Ring my husband for a moan.

Notice because I was born with the ability to grow boobs, producing pirate costumes is somehow MY job not his.

Search dating sites for new husband.

Throw everything out of dressing up box in vain hope there the Pirate Mufti Day fairy might have been.

Find nothing in my rage and resent my life for at least a day.

Storm off into town and hunt down some kind of piratey thing.

With an understanding of how human beings work:

The school has zero appreciation of working mothers.

I’m going to rant on Facebook to vent my fury.

Oh, I’m having a thought storm.

I’m a crap Mum.

Oh well.


Realize there’s nothing to be done – it’s just my thinking has gone screwy for a while and know it will get back to normal if I don’t mess with it.

Notice I have half an hour spare when in town for my opticians appointment.

Pick up stripey T-shirt that is only concession son will make to Pirate’s day.

Stumble across pirate mask at back of random cupboard while looking for something else.

Do a happy dance.

Dog eats pirate mask.

2014-05-07 15.29.31


Oh well.

I LOVE this journey of understanding how human beings create their experiences. And I had a much nicer day as a result.

I’d love it if you’d be willing to share examples of how you struggle as an entrepreneur and parent – funny or serious, and I promise to comment back to everyone of you below.

And take a moment to share using the buttons below – there’s another frazzled Mumpreneur out there right now that needs to read this!


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