Back in January, I signed up for Michael Neill’s Creating The Impossible challenge.

I decided to create a beach body. I decided to do it through daily yoga practice and learning how to cook. Then once I got started I decided to blog about my journey. Then I decided I my new goal would be to create 100,000 views of that blog and I set out following the daily Creating The Impossible audios and program.

Michael asked us: ‘Are you in?’. I declared ‘yes’ and off I went.

It’s half way through and I quit.

Here’s the email I sent Michael:


 Subject: Resignation
 I am formally writing to you to hand in my resignation from Creating The Impossible 🙂

Edit to post: I’ve had  few messages and comments since posting this about ‘resigning from the 3Ps’. Please see my answer to Martin below as that’s totally NOT the spirit of this email at all x


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