The Simplicity Framework - part one(2)

The writing that I do here at the Simplicity project, and the coaching work I do with my clients, is all based on a very simple framework.

As business owners we can tend to start off our entrepreneurial journey with a day-to-day experience of our businesses being complex, frustrating, successful with lots of unproductive time.

Then something wakes us up. We read something, we watch a video, we speak to a friend or just have an insight sitting at home minding our own business.

And suddenly we see something we never saw before about life.

For me, one such moment was ‘Oh, hitting my big financial goal doesn’t make me happy.’

Another was hearing this random guy speak and I saw ‘I have no idea what he’s on about, but there’s something here that he’s talking about that rings true for me.’

(That random guy turned out to be one of my most wonderful mentors, Dr George Pransky, in case you’re wondering!)

That thing is is unique for each of us, but something wakes us up to the true nature of how life really works.

We learn something new about how we as human beings (yes, business owners are humans too!) create our experience; we take a look for ourselves and all of a sudden we realize that what we’ve just learned is true. As in we can see it in our own lives.

That would be step 2.

And as a result everything else starts to change: we begin to evolve and as a result we’re able to create what we want to in the world with more simplicity, ease and grace.

Please note: You’ll see there’s no additional steps between steps 2 and 3.

There’s no strategies to employ, no techniques to apply, just a simple understanding of what’s going on does the hard work for you.

How simple is that?

There’s a lot less to do than you think.

In fact it’s even simpler than the inforgraphic suggests:

Understand how humans create their experience → you have a totally different business to deal with.

It’s quite literally a game-changer.

I’ll share part two next week.



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