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 As you know I’ve been exploring the concept of simplicity over the past year and a half, and as my focus shifts going into 2015, I wanted to share the direction I’ll be looking in going forwards.I don’t know about you, but at this time of the year, simplicity seems like a remote idea.

The kids are sitting around moaning ‘I’m bored’ amidst a pile of extortionately priced presents they ‘can’t be bothered with’ and the bin men are on an unpredictable schedule so my porch is floor to ceiling full of bin bags (yes I did run outside in my PJs hollering ‘Pleeeeese take my bins!’ after them at 5am on Saturday as I heard them go past – to no avail).

There’s a reluctant 11 year old to coach through the preparation for entrance exams, the new VAT laws coming in tomorrow, a laundry mountain to be done and a dog who eats every sock I wash so I have barefooted children in wellies going for forced dog walks in sub zero temperatures.

And heaps more chaos I’d share with you if only I didn’t have to go buy some food as the cupboards are bare of even baked beans.

So on the surface, life looks complicated and messy right now.

Yet amidst the chaos, I can see I have periods of time when I’m stressed out of my brain, and periods of time when it all looks manageable and an ‘Oh well, they’ll be back to school on Tuesday’ is all that goes through my head.

What I love after this year of exploring simplicity is that a couple of years ago, I would have thought that the level of complexity and hassle in my life right now was something to do with all the moans and groans I just listed above.

That the lack of bin ben and presence of dog were CAUSING my stress.

Whereas now I see that actually, when my mind just happens to be quieter, I couldn’t care less about the lack of bin ben and presence of dog.

In 2013 when I started my quest for simplicity, I began by changing my outside world to make it simpler to deal with. I cut back my systems, products I was selling and streamlined my team.

I reduced the kids’ schedules and emptied my wardrobe, and although these things gave me an instant ‘phew, that’s better’, I noticed that a few days later, life seemed just as complicated, only now I had fewer clothes and more challenges on my hands trying entertain the kids myself. Hmmmmmm.

In 2014, I realized that the experience of simplicity, ease and grace had a lot more to do with what went on between my ears that what the outside world looked like.

That in itself simplified my experience as it took ‘controlling my world into a postage stamped size of perfection’ off my to-do list for good!

As I started to learn more about how human beings work, about how our psychology creates our world, I realized my experiences of simplicity and complexity were being created through my thinking and nothing else.

That my experience of EVERYTHING was created through my thinking and nothing else.

And so I spent the whole of this year apprenticing to Michael Neill to learn more about how humans work, and starting to share what I saw for myself with other entrepreneurs, with results being achieved in my business and theirs that surprised all of us.

And now in 2015 I turn my attention to these question: ‘How settled down can I get?’ and ‘What impact does that have?’.

You see what I’ve noticed is through my understanding more about the human experience, my brain has slowed from 5 million miles an hour to probably around 500 miles an hour.

Which has completely transformed my experience of what goes on in the outside world.

But the system’s probably designed to run way better about 400 miles an hour slower than that – and I see that the more I settle, the better I do.

So that’s the direction I’ll be looking in this year.

And to be clear, this isn’t about ‘How little can I do?’ in fact the complete opposite.

I’m curious to see how settled down I can be while at the same time having a wardrobe stuffed to overflowing, 3 kids to run all over the county, 2 businesses to run and a beach body to create.

It’s going to be an interesting year!

In the meantime, happy new year to you and may simplicity be yours in 2015!



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