As I paused to reflect at the end of 2015 and think about the new year ahead, there’s a couple of big insights that have come my way.

Here’s the first one.

For the first six years of my time since I started working for myself, I spent time and money investing all I could in learning marketing strategies and techniques from the top marketing experts in order to grow my business.

I sent the emails on the ‘right’ days, ran the webinars with the ‘correct’ format, wrote the sales copy using the ‘proper’ triggers and set up my business ‘like a CEO’ to make sure it could run without me.

Check-box marketing if you like.

And that, coupled with my infectious enthusiasm for my projects and my ‘go-get-em tiger’ approach attracted clients who wanted some of that.

Then in 2013 I awoke to the fact that there was something missing.

I had the money. Check.

I had the free time. Check.

So what was it?

It’s taken me two and a half years of exploring to realize – it was soul.

There was nothing deeper going on – I was literally doing what I was told, buzzing on adrenaline and buzzing others up to. Clients who got all fired up on my energy but who were (the majority of my time) unable to replicate my results.

I didn’t know it was connection to something more profound that was missing in that summer of 2013 but what I found myself drawn to an ever more deeper exploration of this thing called the Three Principles that somehow appeared in front of me just at that point in time.

(Almost as if there’s some kind of intelligence behind the design of life, ha ha).

I have spent the last couple of years sharing this understanding, or what I saw of it as it unfolded as truth before my eyes.

And I started connecting with clients in a different way.

In a way that was transformative for them as human beings.

Which of course had a knock on effect with them as entrepreneurs.

( I just spent the holidays collecting testimonials which all touched me when I saw in black and white just how much of a difference this understanding can make.)

But the people I wanted to work with were visionary entrepreneurs who have a desire to impact on the world – I love the passion and energy of these creative people, and many of them weren’t interested in listening to what I had to share because they wanted the ‘check-box marketing’ manuals.

After all, they’re seductive. “Just do these simple things and you too will have all the money you need to make you happy.”

When you don’t have an understanding of how human being really work, what’s not to like in that statement?

And then over the Christmas break I had a insight: That this deeper understanding about how human beings really work is a foundational piece.

But that I had ten years of marketing and business experience I wasn’t bringing to the table with my clients.

It’s foundational because what the understanding does is fundamentally transform the person who shows up to the marketing manuals.

There’s a whole heap of difference between a fear-driven, toxic-goal wanting, go-getting, adrenaline driven procrastinator grabbing at marketing manuals and frantically trying to implement it all, and showing up as a grounded, responsive, present, calm, resilient entrepreneur who’s coming from a place of wisdom and inspiration.

Guess who’s going to get extra-ordinary results?

And that, coupled with another huge insight I’ll share in a couple of days, led the the creation of Inspire 100.

(You can read more about that here.)

So a couple of questions to reflect on…

  1. If you’re reading this as someone who has already been impacted by the Principles and is sharing them with others – are you bringing all of what you do and who you are to the work that you do? Or are you ‘teaching only the principles and nothing else, ever?’ Not that there’s anything wrong in this, but I always remember Christine Heath teaching: “Don’t just teach the Principles. Bring the Principles to the work you’re already doing, and THERE’s your competitive advantage in your field.”
  2. If you’re a business owner doing your thing, are you mechanically implementing the steps you ‘should’ be doing to market your business? Like I was, are you feeling there’s a missing piece? It could well be your connection to something deeper, and if so have a poke around the blog as certainly me for me the Principles gave me an explanation for what that missing piece really was.And it was a huge relief to start to see that it was never really missing, I had just forgotten it was there underneath all the ‘must make money, must make money’ noise in my head.

What do you think? Are you bringing it all to your clients?




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