what if we stopped looking at the sky-

day 18A conversation with a client sparked this metaphor – we used it throughout our conversation so I wanted to share with you.

If you imagine that thought is the sky.

It’s always there from the moment we’re born, it just is.

And from that formless thing of the sky, clouds form in the shape of our personal thinking.

Sometimes we get pink fluffy happy clouds.

Sometimes we get sad rainy clouds.

Sometimes we get money clouds.

Or husband shaped clouds.

And usually these come and go.

If we stand and stare at the sky we’ll notice that sometimes there are lots of clouds and sometimes there are none.

The clouds form, some of them get more solid, and then they fade back into the sky – cos that’s just what clouds do.

And sometimes there’s a really black, solid looking scary one that it looks like we need a strategy to deal with.

That’s the one made of our particular crazy – be it money, anxiety, building our businesses – we’ve all got our own.

So we stay indoors when we really wanted to go out, or we buy the biggest umbrella we can to deflect the fallout of that scary looking cloud.

And even when the sky is clear we keep looking up to check if that black cloud might be creeping up when we weren’t looking – best be prepared.

But what if we stopped looking at the sky?

To me, I think of my peace of mind, my clarity, my wisdom and my knowing what to do as sitting at the bottom of my out-breath.

Try it now – breathe out as deep as you can.

That feeling at the very bottom.

Of course that’s not wisdom, but it’s a reminder to me that I carry it with me always, and it’s inside my very being.

And when I look inside, into the bottom of my out-breath, I start to really not care what’s going on in the sky.

There could be loads of clouds; there could be black clouds or there could be a clear blue sky.

It’s irrelevant.

I used to think it was about managing the clouds.

About having more of this kind of cloud and less of that one.

About dealing with or actively not paying attention to the big black ones.

I’d study the Three Principles with a view to getting more clarity on how to deal with this cloud or that one, and bring my clouds to my coaching calls with my mentor whenever I had the chance.

And I thought I needed a clear sky to move ahead.

When I stop looking at the sky, I really don’t care what experience I’m having.

What could you do in this world, where could you go, what could you create if you really didn’t care what experience you were having?

For me that’s a mind-blowing question I’m going to be expl0ring.

For me, that way freedom lies.


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