crowding out

Yes, these are my feet – I am feeling very virtuous as a) I went for a run this morning and b) I did it in the rain and mud ūüôā

Normally I write here at the Simplicity Project about simplicity in business, but as I see how a simpler approach applies in other areas of my life, I’m also going to start blogging on simplicity in health, parenting, relationships, food and anything else that takes my fancy.

This one’s on health.

I’ve recently started studying with Integrative Nutrition as I’m intersted in learning more about the food we eat impacts on our bodies.

And a very simple idea I’ve come across there is the idea of crowding out.

Here’s how it works: instead of trying to cut back on wine in the evening, just add in a load of water and you’ll find there’s just not so much room for wine. (I’ve gone with the wine one as the first example that came to mind for some reason).

Instead of trying to cut back on cake, add in a pile of carrots with hummus dip at 4pm and then see if you still fancy cake. If you do, go for it. But you probably won’t as much.

Add in the good stuff and stop worrying so much about trying to cut the bad stuff out.

In my case I’ve added in dog runs to my day, which makes dog-amble-and-pretent-you’re-exercising really really hard to fit in.

For me, this makes the whole approach to eating well a lot easier.

As soon as I jump on a diet where I’m NOT allowed something, suddenly that’s all I want.

My thinking about the thing I’m not allowed goes through the roof and I spend all day arguing with myself about it.

And inevitably fall off the bandwagon.

For instance, I signed up to an I Quit Sugar program.

I quit before it even started.

But what works better for me is filling my meal times with Jamie Oliver’s Superfoods recipes.

When I deat two of his sweet potato muffins for breakfast, there’s just no room for my crappy usual peanut butter on toast with lashings of butter.

I don’t have to ‘give it up’, it’s just a no-brainer.

And oh, I notice apparently I’m eating less sugar.

A simple concept.

But an effective one.


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