Yesterday’s post has so far generated over a hundred comments both on the post itself and in various Facebook groups where I shared it.

And many of them indicated a misunderstanding of what I was attempting (obviously not very well!) to point to in that post.

(Click here to read if you missed it).

Hence my attempt to better explain myself today.

You see, us humans, we love a good prescription.

By that I mean we look for the answer to the question ‘So what should I do?’ constantly, and as a result, that’s often what we read into the information we consume.

A prescription. An answer for how to do things differently. A different way of being.

One comment read like this (thank you, Rachel, you helped me see this where I’d mis-explained a lot more clearly!)

“So what this seems to be saying is…

– Have a big grand Vision
– Embark on a frantic action-orientated journey to pursue said Vision
– After much struggle and effort, make a shed load of money
– Realise you’re burned out & exhausted as a result
– Make the whole process wrong, and drop back to less effort & accept less money”

No, that really wasn’t what I was trying to say. That would be a prescription.

This was one of many comments I received along the lines of “Yes, I’ve also decided to cut back on the striving and go-getting and as a result am having a far nicer life.”

Many readers (being human beings) took my post as a prescription to “Cut back, simplify, want less stuff and therefore less money and then you’ll have a wonderful simple, life.”

That may or may not be true. For many who shared their stories with me yesterday that seems to be the case.

But what I didn’t mean to do was to tell you that’s what you should do.

How on earth would I know what you should do? How can I tell which directions your insights would take you in?

I didn’t intend any prescription.

Instead I was attempting to point to something deeper.

About the fact that we all have access to a wisdom that provides us with just the insights we need to have a more wonderful life.

And mine are specifically designed for me, not you.

About how my grounding in the Principles means that I have a deep knowing that I’ll be OK no matter what my bank account says.

I’ve been saying and teaching that since I first heard the idea because I thought I understood it.

But if you’d looked at my behaviour, you’d have seen that I really didn’t, given that I spent most of every day with money-making ideas flying through my head.

What sparked the post yesterday was suddenly a deep, in-the-bones experience of the truth of it, that was profound.

I was pointing to the fact that when we see something that’s truth that deeply, the world shifts and transforms.

Without those words around the edge of my flip-chart paper I referred to yesterday, I have no idea what’s going to get written on the flip-chart next.

Could be taking my kids out of private school, could be sending them to the fanciest school in the country. God forbid, it could even be home-schooling!

Could be a genius business idea (see random G-Pot experience of David Key) that may or not may not result in piles of money, could be becoming self-sufficient and living off the paltry output of my chickens.

Could be becoming a stay-at-home Mum, could be divorcing my husband and marrying a gazillionaire, could be going bankrupt and becoming a bag lady.

What I was pointing to yesterday wasn’t a prescription to ‘Want less, make less, be happy’ as an antidote to more, bigger, better.

Instead it was a noticing of how, when the limits we place around our own creativity drop away, that anything becomes possible.

Who knows what happens when we stop creating from a place of need. A place of ‘As long as I can pay for this, this and this, I’ll be OK’.

What I suddenly saw was that the ‘this, this and this’ didn’t even need paying for in order for me to be OK.

Even the ‘this, this and this’ that OF COURSE I needed to pay for.

That fundamentally, I’m OK no matter what.

The whole post yesterday was a description of something cool that happened as a result of understanding the way human beings really create their experience.

And not a prescription for how we should live our lives.

I wanted to share that post yesterday in the hope that it awakened something in you.

Nothing more.

Because what’s been awakened in me through this conversation is so precious, so amazing and so available to anyone who looks in this direction, that I’d love you to be touched by it too.

That was my intention, did I make a better job of it today?





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