FB digger

This is my dog Digger.

He has one true calling.

To dig.

He also steals socks and knickers for fun, but really all he wants to do is dig.

Born to do it.

Never doubted it.

Never even thought about it – just got on with it with passion.

For the last couple of years I’ve been on the quest for my version of Digger’s digging.

Nic’s nicking was going to land me straight in jail so that was off the table.

Maybe it was yoga teaching? Maybe it was cupcake baking? Maybe it was a health coach? Maybe it was a full time mum? Maybe it was a simplicity coach?

I flirted with them all but got myself in a right old tizzy because it didn’t seem like I could find the ONE.

I’d start – then get distracted by something else.

But ‘they’ say you’re not allowed to do that as an enterpreneur.

‘They’ say you have to focus, right?

‘They’ say you have to get clear on your Big Why and then concentrate on that.

That you need to uncover your purpose and follow that dream.

Unless you’re me.

Then you just beat yourself up about all of the above.

I’ve written about life purpose before, and yet still it was tripping me up.

Until a friend sent me this 12 minute video and I realized I’m not alone.

In fact I have a very cool ‘thing’ instead of a single life purpose.

Makes life a lot simpler when you can stop trying to work out what your calling is.

Let me know if you have it too.


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