When I first stumbled across the understanding known as the Three Principles, one of the things I would hear people talking about was the ‘deeper feeling’ that was on offer.

I didn’t really know what they meant.

Here’s what that means to me now.

You know that feeling when you go into your child’s bedroom at night and they are lying there sound asleep with a teddy under one arm and the other thrown across the pillow, usually with a leg or two un-tucked from the duvet.

When your heart almost bursts and you can feel the tears well up you love them that much?

THAT’s an example of a deeper feeling that’s on offer through this conversation and understanding of the Principles.

That feeling even when your kids are awake.

Even when they’re throwing food.

Even when they’re telling you, ‘You only had me so you had someone to be horrible to’ (or is that just mine who say that?)

Even when they’re nowhere to be seen and you’re just washing the dishes.

What the Principles point to to is that experience of love, which looks like it’s coming from them is actually impersonal and our default nature.

But for one simple thing, our thinking, which takes us away from it.

No kids actually required.

Or if they are part of your life, whether fish fingers are being flung or not.

When that’s on offer, who gives a shit how many sales you made last week?

There’s gold-dust in this direction instead and I know where I’m more interested in looking.

And life gets simpler when you know in which direction you’re pointed.



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