Scenario A: You know the feeling; you wake up one Monday morning and you feel like you need a duvet day.

Life seems crap, the kids are shouting, you can’t remember why you ever went into business in the first place and you would rather eat your own arm than sit in front of your computer and do something to bring in new clients.

After all, what you’re selling is crap, you’re crap and why would anyone buy your stuff, even if you wanted them to, which you don’t because it’s crap anyway.

Here’s something interesting….

Scenario B: There are days when if I took a look at what you’re selling and the value you deliver and the prices you charge, they would be exactly the same as in the scenario above.

And yet if I asked you on those days how business is going, you’d say, “Brilliant! It’s exciting, and I love working with my clients in this way, and I love the fact that I have my own business and I’m really making a difference. Of COURSE people will want to buy what I have, why wouldn’t they?”

Same business. Totally different experience.

Successful business? It’s an inside-out job.

Now, the more we understand the nature of thought, the more we’re able to just ignore the blah blah blah of our insecure thinking on any given day.

But the days when it all goes to shit and the insecure thinking just looks like ‘common sense’, then what do we do?

Here’s the tip.

On the days when you’re in a good feeling and all is right with the world, you could create a simple email series (autoresponder) that delivers value and lets people know what you do.

For example, I have the 30 Days of Simplicity series that’s available when people come to my website or see a blog that I’ve written.

I used aweber to create the 30 emails – it’s one of the simplest pieces of software for doing this that I’ve found.

Each one delivers content in the form of an article, an audio or a video that takes people through the inner game of simplicity.

At the end of the series there’s an invitation to join my Simplicity Circle.

In those emails there are articles that point to where clarity, ease and effortless in business come from.

If you asked me to send one of those emails out last Friday, could I have done it?

No, because I was in a crappy state of mind like scenario A above and writing about clarity, ease and effortless would have been bullshit and theoretical when I wasn’t experiencing it.

And that’s why autoresponders are a Godsend for me.

My state of mind is free to go up and down.

Which is lucky, because that’s what it’s doing to do whether I like it or not!

My thinking can get noisy and interfere with my productivity, or not.

I can have a duvet week if I feel like it.

Which is also lucky because as well as a business owner, I’m also a human being so that happens.

I no longer have to care because my autoresponder is consistently sent out from the frame of mind I was in when I wrote the emails.

From a genuine connection to the things I’m writing about.

And then I write ‘live’ emails out when I’m inspired to do so, knowing that my business is still doing it’s thing even when I’m under the covers.

This is such a simple concept, I’m hesitant to push ‘publish’ on this one, so let me know if it’s helpful.



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