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What is the Sharing Our Grounding Mastermind?

Nicola Bird

We’ve designed the twelve-month Sharing Our Grounding for just six coaches who want to share their grounding with others – and make some decent money doing it.

People we love who’ve decided: “Do you know what? I’m in. 100%. This is what I want to do.”

You’ve got your grounding – it’s transformed your life.

And with that grounding, you’re in such a strong position to build your income and start impacting way more people with your work.

You might be transitioning from a ‘traditional’ coaching business to a Principles-based one.

You might not want to coach at all but still start making a living from your blog or non-teaching-3P-business.

Or you might be totally new to coaching and have no idea where to start.

But if you don’t want to do it alone…..we’re here.

The Sharing Our Grounding Mastermind is a structured program that means you’ll have two personal coaches to support you on your journey AND five other coaches to share their experiences and support you on your way.

And not a marketing manual or seven step formula in sight 🙂


Why would you want to work with us?

If you’re seeing this page, you probably already know us, but here’s a bit of stuff you might not already know.

Nicola Bird created her first business and took it from zero to over half a million pounds in revenues in just four years.

But she worked HARD to do that in the past and now her understanding of the Principles means she’s still getting great results, but a whole lot more easily!

That business now brings in a passive income stream each and every day as a result of the team, systems and marketing processes she has put into place, leaving Nicola free to grow The Simplicity Project, where she already has a following and is attracting clients more easily and effortlessly than ever before in her teaching of the Principles.

And she wants to share her fresh business building insights with you and help you have many of your own.

John El-Mokadem

John El-Mokadem

John El-Mokadem has an ability to literally ‘un-coach’ his clients and strips away everything that keeps them from being grounded in their natural state of peace, clarity and wellbeing. From here, they are able to engage their life and work from a state of flow, ease and resilience, which enables them to be far more productive, creative and happier.

He literally ‘un-coaches’ his clients and strips away everything that keeps them from being grounded in their natural state of peace, clarity and wellbeing. From here, they are able to engage their life and work from a state of flow, ease and resilience, which enables them to be far more productive, creative and happier. – See more at:

John has also been in your shoes and has experienced that struggle to find clients, but since a breakthrough in his grounding, he’s attracting clients left, right and center.

Nicola has had more insights around her business while talking to this man than any other person on the planet.

And we’re both learning more and more every single day.

So you’ve got a focus on grounding and business building – all in one totally sexy package 🙂


“Enough Of The Grounding – Give Me Some Form!” (Love a headline only a 3P-er would find amusing!)

aka What Does The Sharing Our Grounding Mastermind Look Like?

There are just six places available in the Mastermind as we want the opportunity to hang out with

a) some of our favourite friends we’ve met on the journey in a structured kind of way and

b) coaches who have the ‘it’s occurred to me I want to do this for a living’ inspiration

[fancylist][fancyitem title=”Business Building Intensives” icon=”icon-heart” list_swatch=”swatch-coral” icon_animation=”bounce”]Four live intensive days together in London and Surrey in November, February, June and September where each person has a 45 minute hotseat to bring any challenge they have to the group for masterminding. Imagine your five fellow masterminders and John and I holding up that mirror so you can see where you’re getting bogged down in your thinking and helping you work out where to go next. The dates are 3 November 2014, 9 February 2015, 1 June 2015 and 14 September 2015[/fancyitem][/fancylist]

[fancylist][fancyitem title=”Private Coaching” icon=”icon-heart” list_swatch=”swatch-coral” icon_animation=”bounce”] Six private 60 minute coaching calls with John and six with Nicola where we’ll focus exclusively on your business ( and anything else that just happens to come up – as we all know it tends to do!) .[/fancyitem][/fancylist]

[fancylist][fancyitem title=”Group Coaching” icon=”icon-heart” list_swatch=”swatch-coral” icon_animation=”bounce”]In addition we’ll all get together once a month to continue the conversation and share our learning.[/fancyitem][/fancylist]

[fancylist][fancyitem title=”Online Forum” icon=”icon-heart” list_swatch=”swatch-coral” icon_animation=”bounce”]Of course there’ll be a private Facebook group for us to stay connected between the calls too.[/fancyitem][/fancylist]


What is the Sharing Our Grounding Mastermind NOT all about?

If you want to learn yet more marketing tips, make money quickly, write sales copy, create online programs, get more clients etc etc etc then this isn’t the program for you.

We might delve into some of that stuff together – and we’re holding nothing back about our experiences of ‘doing business the Three Principles’ way.

We know you’ve grown to understand that great marketing strategies are NOT transformational.

Our experience has been that the more we understand what goes on between the ears of entrepreneurs, the more easily and simply we’ve been able to grow our own businesses and simplify our lives.

You don’t need anyone else’s ‘marketing blueprints’ any more.

We want you coming up with your own business insights because they are waaaaaay better than anything that could be ‘revealed’ to you on another marketing program.

This program is for those of you who are bored of being busy working hard, investing in your marketing training, maybe seeing results, maybe not.

Being driven, striving, going outside your comfort zone, setting huge goals, working, working, working.

Or doing nothing while waiting for the Insight Fairy to come rescue you. (You know who you are).


There’s an easier way.

And that’s what we’re going to explore in depth together while having a whole heap of fun with some really cool people in the Sharing Our Grounding Mastermind.

Just imagine the laughs, the connections, the sharing and the world-changing potential this little band of Principles-based people could create.

[icon]icon-heart-empty[/icon] We really want you to be part of it.

The investment in the program is one payment of £4,000.

We are personally reaching out to a handful of people we’d really like to work with in this way for the six places available.

So if you’re interested, please email to set up a time for a chat to find out more.






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