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The Simplicity Circle has been designed for entrepreneurs who want to transform their business by creating a simple experience of success without stress.

Over the last couple of years I have been immersed in a new understanding that explains how and why people create the results they want in the world - the simplest way possible.

It’s completely and utterly different from anything I’ve come across in the 20 years I’ve spent studying Business, Psychology and personal development.

It's a game changer.

As a result of this understanding, the way I show up in life and the way I do business has totally transformed and it has done the same for the lives and incomes of the people I've been sharing it with over the past two years.

I’m meeting my financial goals easily and more effortlessly than ever before, I’m working less than ever , I’ve taken my team from 10 to 3 , and simplified my business hugely.

My family life is more relaxed and enjoyable, my anxiety and migraines have disappeared and I’m fitter and healthier too– all as a direct result of the Simplicity Framework.

And I’ve pretty much stopped worrying about my business, my kids and whether my life is heading in the direction I think it should. Yes, that thing I bet you do 24/7 whether you realize it or not.

The result?

I'm coming up with innovative business ideas whenever I need them, able to solve the challenges I face and impact the bottom line of my business in a way that just wasn't possible before.



We kick off with Simplicity 101.

This is a series of audio and video trainings to help you grasp the fundamentals of the Simplicity Framework.


Here we drop the intensity and concentrate on going deeper into each topic at a more advanced level designed to help you keep improving your business results.

Each month there's a live 90 minute webinar where I share what I'm seeing on the following topics, what's fresh for me before I share it anywhere else, and the place for you to bring your business challenges and any questions for a fresh perspective with some hot-seat coaching.

We meet on the second Thursday of each month at 3pm Eastern/ 8pm London and here are the topics we'll be covering:

January: Goal setting – what else for January!!?

February: Simplicity in relationships. Revolutionise the way you connect with your potential clients and team.

March: Let's talk about the money stuff - a new perspective on everyone's 'yeah but'

April: The practical factor - Creating the results we want to see in the world

May: Keeping healthy - this month it's all about simplicity in health and physical well-being

June: High performance in work and life - Shining our light without sweating the small stuff

July: Too much to do and too little time? Talking time management and procrastination

August: Navigation - how to decide what to do next

September: It's back to school time and we hit the ground running with the fastest way to success

October: Resilience - what to do when your launch bombs, your sales dive and the shit hits the fan

November: 'How to' programs - where do they fit in?

December: Innovation - understanding where brilliant business ideas come from

Here's a summary of everything that's included:

  • ​Instant access to Simplicity 101
  • Monthly 90 minute Simplicity Circle live calls where we go deep into the topics above using a mixture of teaching, hot-seat coaching and interactive Q&A
  • The last 3 months of recordings from previous live calls.
  • Access to the Simplicity Circle Facebook Group where you have a further opportunity to share your insights and questions


The Simplicity Circle will help if you’re an entrepreneur experiencing some (or all!) of the following:

  • A constant stream of brilliant ideas, which is great EXCEPT it results in a constantly racing mind so you feel you never really take a break
  • A feeling you haven’t had a good, fresh, new idea for years and you’re bored of thinking the same old thoughts
  • You know all you need to about marketing – but now you’re looking to up your game and you sense that learning how to do Facebook better is not the way to do it!
  • You’re already successful but it feels like there’s still something missing
  • A sense of urgency and pressure about reaching your goals as quickly as possible
  • Experiencing stress or anxiety as an undercurrent in your day-to-day life
  • Working way harder than you want to be – which is impacting on your family time, or
  • Deliberately holding yourself back in case you end up working too hard or neglecting your family – which is impacting on your potential
  • Juggling so many plates, you’re constantly on edge that you’re just one f*ck up away from total meltdown
  • An awareness that the way you’re doing life is just too damn complicated
  • A knowing that there HAS to be an easier, more graceful way than you’re currently doing it!

You know who you are.

What is the Simplicity CIRCLE NOT all about?

If you want to learn yet more how-to build your business, productivity strategies, marketing tips, make money quickly, seven steps to get more clients etc etc etc then this isn’t the program for you.

We might delve into some of that stuff together – and I’m holding back nothing about what I’ve learned about these in my years of being a mother, a recovering control-freak, a wife and growing a seven figure online business.

However, what I’ve realized is seven step formulas are NOT transformational.

My experience has been that the more I understand what goes on between the ears of human beings, the more easily and simply I’ve been able to grow my own business, take care of my family and simplify my life.

I don’t need anyone else’s ‘seven step blueprints’ any more.

I’m coming up with my own and they are waaaaaay better than anything that could be ‘revealed’ to me on another I’ll-show-you-how-to-do-it-program.

And I want to show you how to access that same source of clarity too.


The Simplicity Circle is just £27 a month.

And of course you can cancel at any point.

This program is for those of you who are bored of being busy working hard, living a complicated-looking life, maybe seeing the results you want, maybe not.

Being driven, striving, going outside your comfort zone, setting huge goals, working on your self, your kids, your partners and your income.

There is an easier way.

And that’s what we’re going to explore in depth together inside the Simplicity Circle.

I hope you’ll decide to be one of the entrepreneurs to work with me in this way.​

join THE simplicity CIRCLE

And have 2016 be your year of simplicity.


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