The Simplicity Circle

The Simplicity Circle has been designed for entrepreneurs who are resonating with what I’ve been sharing at The Simplicity Project and want to take your understanding to the next level.

When you join the Simplicity Circle, you’ll start off with access to Simplicity 101: A series of audios and videos with a focus on immersing you in a deeper understanding of how we can live our lives and do our work with greater simplicity, ease and grace.

Simplicity 101 is a great way to start to deepen your understanding, but the heart of the Simplicity Circle is our monthly 90 minute live call together.

Each month I’ll be teaching on the topics below, and making sure there’s plenty of time for hot-seat coaching and answering your questions.

These are foundational pieces, that, once you grasp them, will have an impact on EVERYTHING else you are trying to create in your life and work.

In addition, the Simplicity Circle calls are where I’ll be sharing what’s new and fresh that I’m seeing in this area, before it appears anywhere else.

If this sounds like you, keep reading…

  • A constant stream of brilliant ideas, which is great EXCEPT it results in a constantly racing mind so you feel you never really take a break
  • A feeling you haven’t had a good, fresh, new idea for years and you’re bored of thinking the same old thoughts
  • You know all you need to about marketing – but now you’re looking to up your game and you sense that learning how to do Facebook better is not the way to do it!
  • You’re already successful but it feels like there’s still something missing
  • A sense of urgency and pressure about reaching your goals as quickly as possible
  • Experiencing stress or anxiety as an undercurrent in your day-to-day life
  • Working way harder than you want to be – which is impacting on your family time, or
  • Deliberately holding yourself back in case you end up working too hard or neglecting your family – which is impacting on your potential
  • Juggling so many plates, you’re constantly on edge that you’re just one f*ck up away from total meltdown
  • An awareness that the way you’re doing life is just too damn complicated
  • A knowing that there HAS to be an easier, more graceful way than you’re currently doing it!

You can join the Circle at any time as each month can be taken as a stand-alone unit, but what you’ll find is that your understanding will grow over time as each thing you see for yourself builds towards the critical mass of understanding that results in transformation.

From a life of chaos, striving and searching for which way to go next to one of simplicity, ease and grace.

The next call is Thursday 10 December so make sure you jump on board before the page comes down tonight.

December: Creativity – understanding where innovative business ideas come from

January: Goal setting – what else for January!!?

February: Simplicity in relationships – a completely different take on how to connect with your clients and team

March: Let’s talk about the money stuff – a new perspective on everyone’s biggest ‘yeah but’

April: The practical factor: Creating the results that we want in the world

May: Keeping healthy: This month it’s all about simplicity in health and physical well-being

June: High performance in work and life: Shining our light without sweating the small stuff

July: Too much to do, too little time? Talking time management and procrastination

August: Navigation: how to decide what to do next

September: It’s back to school time so we hit the ground running: The fastest way to success

October: Resilience: What to do when your sales take a dive/ your launch bombs/ the shit hits the fan

November: Self – development-itis: How to save a fortune by stopping buying ‘how-to’ programs

December’s call will take place on the 10th at 7am Eastern/12pm UK time, and then we’re switching to the second Thursday of each month at 3pm Eastern, 8pm UK rom January (to allow for our international friends to make them!) and they are all recorded in case you miss one.

What can you expect to unfold for you as you join this transformative conversation?

What has happened in my own life as a result of this understanding, and in the lives of my clients is a sense of awe at how amazing and simple business and life really is (even when it looks awful and complicated!)

More flow. Better results. Less stress.

You’ll have a life where you don’t give a shit about half the stuff that keeps you up at night at the moment, and wipe 90% off your to-do list. (Yes, there will be swearing).

Oh, and I did I mention, you’ll also be able to hang out with some very cool people all on the same journey as you in our Simplicity Circle Facebook Group AND post your questions for the call there if you’re unable to join us live for any reason.

What’s not to like?!

So, to summarize, when you join the Simplicity Circle, here’s what you’ll receive:

1. Simplicity 101: a series of videos and audios that explain the basic concepts of the Simplicity Framework

2. Monthly 90 minute live calls where we go deep into the topics above using a mixture of teaching, hot-seat coaching and interactive Q&A

3. The last 3 months of recordings from previous live calls.

4. Access to the Simplicity Circle Facebook Group where you have a further opportunity to share your insights and questions

5. A private 1:1 60 minute deep-dive call with me after 3 months membership of the Circle

Join the Simplicity Circle today for one simple monthly payment of just £27 – and you can stay as long as you like.


I look forward to connecting with you personally inside the Circle.

Best Wishes


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