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— 25-27 April 2015 —

The Simplicity Retreat is a small group intensive (maximum 9 attendees) that I’ve designed specifically for entrepreneurs who want to take the time to go deep into the principles of simplicity and transform their working lives.

So if this sounds like you, read on…

  • wanting more clients but not being sure how
  • working all hours so it feels like you’re working for your business instead of it working for you and/or
  • constantly going up and down on the emotional roller-coaster every time you create or launch a new product or service
  • knowing there must be a simpler way to do this

Nicola Bird

Over the last 18 months I have been immersed in a new understanding that explains how and why entrepreneurs do their best work.

It’s completely and utterly different from anything I’ve come across in the 20 years I’ve spent studying Psychology and personal development.

It’s a total game changer.

As a result of this understanding, the way I do business has totally transformed in a fundamental way and continues to do so.

And the same for the clients I’ve worked with so far.

Before I started my journey with Nicola Bird, I was working all the hours, over complicating everything in my business (and my life) and certainly not getting the results I wanted. I was intrigued by Nicola’s Simplicity Project, got on board and WOW! I’ve experienced a complete transformation not just in my business but in my life – I’m calmer, making better decisions, having better ideas and I’ve had my best month ever! Thank you Nicola, for kicking me off on my path to simplicity, happiness and outstanding results! -Andrew Wilson, Health & Wellbeing Trainer & Coach at The Pathfinder Project

I’m meeting my financial goals easily and more effortlessly than ever before, I’m working less than ever, I’ve taken my team from 10 to 3, and simplified my business hugely.

And I’ve pretty much stopped worrying about my business. Yes, that thing I bet you do 24/7 whether you realize it or not.

In addition my family life is more relaxed and enjoyable and I’m fitter and healthier too – all as a direct result of this understanding.

Now I have a way better understanding of the game I’m playing, I can see that so many entrepreneurs struggle because they just don’t understand the principles of simplicity.

And I want to share that understanding with you.

We’ll be ‘doing the business owner thing’ so that you can play the game of entrepreneurship more fully – and see the resulting impact of that on the bottom line of your business AND your calendar!

To transform what you’re doing so that you can experience success with simplicity, ease and grace.

“Who Is The Simplicity Retreat For?”

This program has been designed for entrepreneurs who are experiencing some (or all!) of the following:

  • A constant stream of brilliant ideas, which is great EXCEPT it results in a constantly racing mind so you feel you never really take a break
  • A sense of urgency and pressure about reaching your financial goals as quickly as possible
  • Working way harder than you want to be – which is impacting on your family time, or
  • Deliberately holding yourself back in case you end up working too hard – which is impacting on your income
  • An awareness that the way you’re marketing and delivering is just too damn complicated
  • A knowing that there HAS to be an easier, more graceful way than you’re currently doing it!

You know who you are.

“What is The Simplicity Retreat NOT all about?”

If you want to learn yet more marketing tips, make money quickly, write sales copy, create online programs, get more clients etc etc etc then this isn’t the program for you.

We might delve into some of that stuff together – and I’m holding back nothing about what I’ve learned about these in my years of growing a seven figure online business.

However, what I’ve realized is great marketing strategies are NOT transformational.

My experience has been that the more I understand what goes on between the ears of entrepreneurs, the more easily and simply I’ve been able to grow my own business and simplify my life.

I don’t need anyone else’s ‘marketing blueprints’ any more.

I’m coming up with my own and they are waaaaaay better than anything that could be ‘revealed’ to me on another marketing program.

And I want to show you how to access that same source of clarity too.

This program is for those of you who are bored of being busy working hard, investing in your marketing training, maybe seeing results, maybe not.

Being driven, striving, going outside your comfort zone, setting huge goals, working, working, working.

There’s an easier way. And that’s what we’re going to explore in depth together in The Simplicity Retreat.

“What Do I Get?”

We spend three days together  (25 – 27 April 2015) at the beautiful luxury spa hotel Penny Hill Park where we go deep into the principles of Simplicity and Business Transformation.

penny hill park

Here we’ll get clear on how your state of mind is impacting your current goals, business strategies and lifestyle.

And of course I’ll share with you the fundamental principles of simplicity that will ensure you know you have everything you need to create what you want in the world.

We then follow up with two private coaching calls to continue our coaching conversation.

Dinner is provided on the Saturday and Sunday evenings in the hotel’s two Michelin Starred Latymer Restaurant, along with two nights’ accommodation and all other refreshments.

You’ll also have full use of the day spa facilities including eight indoor and outdoor pools (one with music!) and we’ll make sure you have plenty of relaxation time to book in any personal treatments you might want.

In essence: a simple, elegant, transformational retreat which will change the way you do business forever.

The investment in the Simplicity Retreat is £2,997.

Click here to reserve your spot.

My time with Nicola has been transformational – my energy is incredibly high, I feel brilliant – my health worries have disappeared and I have 3 major business ideas which are already working – in just a week I have made sales worth £15k. – Lois Burton, Leadership Coach

A monthly private 60 minute coaching call with me where we’ll focus exclusively on your business and challenges. – See more at:
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