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hours a day needed to get it all done

what if creating results was simpler than you thought?

My name is Nicola Bird and I’ve been a mother, wife, successful business owner and business coach for over 11 years.

I’ve also spent the last 24 years fascinated by psychology and what makes humans tick.

Three years ago I woke up to the fact that there had to be a simpler way of creating results than working myself into the ground and being at my desk all hours of the day and night.

I began an exploration of simplicity and realised that far from the traditional ‘get rid of all your stuff and move to a log cabin’ approach – that simplicity is actually a state of mind. And rather than meaning we have to give everything up, an understanding of how we work actually helps us create results in a far simpler way than we ever thought possible.

There is a way of handling what life throws at you with far more simplicity ease and grace.

A way to do less, better.


That’s what I’m sharing here at The Simplicity Solution.


weekly dose of simplicity

how does the simplicity solution work?

As soon as you join, you’ll have access to Simplicity 101, a series of audios to help put the foundations of simplicity in place before we even start.

Then you’ll receive with the first Simplicity Solution module on Monday 16th January.

Every Monday at 11am you’ll receive a video from me with a weekly dose of simplicity, as I take you step-by-step through everything I’ve learned about how to create a business and life full of simplicity, ease and grace.

You’re going to be doing less, better.

simplicity principles

There are some fundamental facts about how the human mind works.

In these bite-sized videos I’ll share what I’ve seen to be true about these principles and their relevance as to WHY doing less but better benefits your business, health and relationships.

simplicity experts

I have had the priviledge to work with some of the best mentors in this field. This is my chance to bring their expertise to you. Each expert will share what they see on the topic of ‘there’s always less to do than you think’.

recommended reading

There are some beautiful and inspiring books that have been written on the subject of both simplicity and the principles behind our experience of it. In these modules I’ll share with you my favourite resources and what has touched me about each one.


monthly q&a calls

Each month we’ll also get together live on a Tuesday evening at 8pm UK time. During these calls I’ll open up the lines for hot-seat coaching and questions on any of the areas we’ve covered in the course.


Here I’ll share how we can have a simpler experience of our lives in practice. With topics ranging from parenting to business to relationships to habits, I’ll be sharing what I’ve seen and setting you a simple simplicity experiment for you to try each month.

facebook grOUp

Alongside your weekly dose of simplicity, we also have a facebook group where you can connect with others on this journey, ask questions and I’ll also be popping in with regular facebook live videos and answering your questions there too.

This ISN’T a program you need to ‘keep up with’ (though some people love to set aside time each Monday for their weekly dose)  – instead what you’ll find is the program gradually unfolds, week-by-week as a simplicity resource library is created for you in our online portal – ready for you to dip into whenever you need it. 

what can I expect to happen if i join?

Here are just some of the experience previous clients have described.


You’ll find it becomes far easier to create the results you want to see with far less frantic ‘doing’ and with less of the clutttered thinking that might otherwise slow you down.


As you start to understand where simplicity comes from, you’ll start to shed all the crap you buy to ‘make yourself feel OK.’ And stop buying more of it. Watch what happens to your bottom line as a result!

less rushed

Instead of feeling like you’re up against the clock with ‘ time management issues’, you’ll start to experience more days where you have all the time in the world.

better relationships

A deeper connection to the people you love, the people you work with. No longer having to ‘manage’ (shout at) your spouse or kids so that you can be OK.



We all have habits we’d rather not. Whether it’s that evening glass of wine or constantly buying the next self-development book. You’ll find these start to drop away leaving you with fewer distractions.


Being in a relaxed state of mind more of the time. From this place, everything is easier to handle, even if you don’t change a thing on the outside.


Whether it’s challenges at work or home, you’ll find yourself experiencing higher quality ideas about how to handle them and what to do next.

less stress

Just imagine if you didn’t have to spend half your life worrying. And the other half arranging your life so you didn’t have to worry.

That’s 90% off your to-do list right there.

giving less of a f*ck

A care-free life. Caring less about what others think, caring less about  whether you ‘get it right’, not sweating the small stuff and just enjoying life more and more.

what’s my investment?

There’s no minimum contract and you can cancel whenever you like.


“Before I worked with you, Nic, I was being a control freak and thinking that I was the one that had to make it ALL happen. I was working really hard at growing my business but wasn’t getting the proportional results for the effort I was putting in.

I wanted simplicity and this is exactly what I am achieving. You told me I would get rid of 90% off my to-do list (which I remember laughing at) and now I have no to-do list and work intuitively on what needs sorting.
How is this different from other programs out there? There’s no homework and nothing to do (and I know that sounds odd and completely ridiculous but once you start working with Nic, you will find out ALL about this in a very good way!)

Nic, you came at just the right time for me. You’ve cut through the crap of self-help woo woo stuff and helped me realise how to strip my business and life back so I enjoy the process rather than chasing results.
And funnily enough, in focusing on the process, I now enjoy better results than when I used to focus solely on results! I feel calmer, more at peace and love that I am developing my ability to laugh at myself more … oh and my business is doing rather well out of it too!

Stripping back my business to basics was really scary at the time, but 18 months on I’ve been able to create so much more from doing less – I’ve created more value for my clients and created more revenue & time or me.

What’s not to love!”

karen skidmore (1)

Karen Skidmore

Client Catalyst, Author & Speaker

“Looking back over the last 12 months since we’ve been working together, my revenue has doubled, I’m running a 2nd company and find myself making investments in partnerships and platforms for a 7-figure business 12 months from now.”

Katy Caroan

Katy Caroan

Digital Strategist

“As soon as the invitation for Nicola’s 3 Day Business Intensive hit my e-mail inbox, I knew it was only a matter of time before I would book my space.

That’s the thing about wisdom, you just know.

I didn’t actually prepare for the day, as I had heard Nicola talk about her own intensives with Michael Neill during the time she was his apprentice for a year. And I had gotten the gist that these three days are not about the laundry list of business problems I had been carrying around in my back pocket for ages. Thank God!

Because I was sick of talking about those items over and over and turning in circles anyway. I had already bored myself to death with the repetitive thinking surrounding them.

So I went fully expecting to talk about simplicity from the inside out and to deepen my understanding of the three principles.

And although Nicola did ask me about where I currently stand in my business, we quickly got on to a deeper conversation – a beautifully spiritual and at the same time very human conversation, about a whole new understanding of life and how we actually create it. I experienced more pure insight in those three days and the days following them than I had in a whole year and a half of studying the same ideas on my own.

There is something about the face-to-face setting and the personal exchange that is really powerful. Since then I effortlessly accessed the greatest source of creativity and easily sketched out a new business model that I had been struggling with for months (while eating dinner at the airport with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and waiting for my plane home).

I lovingly cancelled appointments and business partnerships that weren’t serving me or others, and made space for fresh business ideas. I woke up for the first time in years not thinking about my business like a rotating fan – it was just gone and I suddenly had a completely new experience of waking peacefulness.

And perhaps the greatest thing of all was being able to share what I had seen so clearly with my own client on a recent VIP Half-day together. I didn’t even have to struggle for words or concepts, but rather just show up and be present and speak the truth. It was a pivotal moment on my path as a coach.

I can hardly wait to see what unfolds next. But if nothing else were to come, I gained more than enough insight to be able to shift to a space filled with ease and grace. A heartfelt thank you Nicola.”

Shailia Stephens-Wursig

Business Coach

“This programme has helped me to feel so much more calm, resilient and positive. I’m understanding more deeply day by day how my thoughts generate different feelings. Life seems simpler, calmer and more productive.”

Ginny Carter

Ginny Carter

Book Coach

“Working with Nicola opened my eyes to a completely new way of being. I grappled to get my head around some of the concepts (as they are so different to what conventional business strategy says) but once I had relaxed into it, I discovered a more relaxed, graceful and joyful way of working without the ‘shoulds’, without the overwhelm and without the constant questioning about whether what I was doing was “right”. Thank you Nic for opening my eyes to a simpler and more joyful life.”

Suzanne Dibble

Suzanne Dibble

Entrepreneur, multi-award winning lawyer and founder of the Small Business Legal Academy

“This programme has helped me to feel so much more calm, resilient and positive. I’m understanding more deeply day by day how my thoughts generate different feelings. Life seems simpler, calmer and more productive.”

Ginny Carter

Ginny Carter

Book Coach

“A couple of years ago I experienced an insight that allowed me to transform almost overnight from a very hard working and underpaid expert to a premium coach who works a lot less and earns a lot more whilst doing work that I love.

In the past year working with Nic with the simplicity framework I’ve been able to reduce my entrepreneurial anxiety so that my state of mind is now aligned with my freedom business.

I’ve also stopped doing a lot of things that I’d done for most of my adult life such as spending hours journalling about my worries, and instead used the time to write a new book.

The book launch was the simplest and most stress free launch I’ve ever done and the book hit international bestseller in 5 countries!

Although I’m far from perfect with simplicity, I finally have a mindset that I can tap into instantly and no longer need to be constantly ‘working on myself’ and reading every self-help book ever written.

Nic is a real inspiration to work with and I’m so happy i followed my gut and joined her program.

Really appreciate being able to talk about stuff with you, Nic,  that I just wouldn’t get a chance to talk about usually.

Rachel Henke

Rachel Henke

Freedom Coach & Author of The Freedom Solution

“When Nicola introduced me to this very simple understanding about how humans work in October 2013,  we had turned over £197,000 with a profit of £50,ooo and owed £20k on credit cards….now things are different.

Our turnover is up to £750,000 and profits are up to £250,000 and no debt on personal cards so you could say a dramatic difference !

It has also enabled me to serve my clients at a much deeper level – the effects I’m seeing with them are truly transformational.”

David Key

David Key

Three Principles coach and facilitator

“After all the dozens of courses and programs I have done, this was the most liberating. Truly liberating.

I let go the angst-y need to prepare marketing plans, write blogs to a timetable and work hard at getting new business in. And somehow it all gets handled.

I used to worry about getting new business in the door. And then I worried that if I didn’t worry about it, everything would fall apart – like it was a thing that needed me to worry about it. Crazy I know.

And when I stopped worrying or even caring, clients kept turning up and asking to work with me. And I don’t need to tell you, they are the best kind.

And then there were the public speaking events. In the past, I would spend hours thinking about and preparing my talks, working on powerpoints, yadayada… Now, I just turn up and know that the right words will come. The first time was pretty scary. Even as I was being introduced, I was thinking, ‘What the hell am I going to say now?’ And then I started and they could hardly shut me up. And every single person there requested a session with me. Simplicity itself.

So how is life different? Difficult to define, but I know it is more relaxed and more spontaneous. I smile a lot more and spend more time doing things I love – like reading and gardening and hanging out in the coffee shop with friends and travelling; basically all the things I thought only working really hard and worrying about it would get me. The business continues to come in and the revenue continues to grow.”

Lesley Ann Grimoldby

Lesley Ann Grimoldby

Business Coach
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