Ok so I’ve been verrrrry hesitant to write this post for some reason.

There are people out there way better qualified than me to talk about this/ do I know enough to share?/ will ‘proper’ Three Principles teachers throw their hands up in horror if they stumble across this?/ should I hide it in the dungeons of my blog and hope no one notices it?

You’ll know what I mean if you’ve ever tried to explain The Three Principles out loud to anyone else!

Anyway, here you go – my best attempt today.

And I intend to come back here and re-record this audio as my understanding changes – as I currently only see a teeny tiny bit of this myself right now.

Anyway, I think I’ve excused myself enough – here you go.


Let me know if this resonates, and how you would describe The Principles right now as you see them.

Perhaps we’ll all see something new.

P.S. I’ve also started a Pinterest board with lots more Three Principles resources – come take a look.


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