Simplicity Project

the antidote to driving, striving and being stressed out

There's a simpler way of being in the world.

My name is Nicola Bird and over the last 3 years I've been exploring my own Simplicity Project. The result? The Simplicity Framework - a fresh look at both the inner and outer game of creating a life which looks simpler on the outside, and with an experience of more peace, ease and grace on the inside.

Some of you have followed my journey on the way, and now I'd like to invite you to work with me to create your very own Simplicity Project. 

This is for those of you who've found the 'more and faster and bigger is better' mantra to cause you nothing but a life, home and business that's cluttered and expensive; a head full of stress and busyness; and a diary crammed full of things you feel you HAVE to do in order to have the life you believe you want.

Starting April 25th, for eight weeks, I'm going to be guiding you through the Simplicity Framework and help you take a fresh look and spring clean the seven areas of work, health, relationships, money, parenting, time management and your home.

So that you can create a Simplicity Project of your own.​

Imagine each topic is a room in your house - together we'll be taking a walk through each of them in turn and shining the light of the Simplicity Framework on them through a series of weekly videos where I'll be explaining a completely different way of looking at the world.

As the way you see the world starts to shift, practical changes you'd like to make in your life will start to occur to you, and this program is here to provide you with space and community as we all take a fresh look at the way our lives are set up together.

Then we'll be examining the very foundations of the house itself with additional weekly audios where we go deeper into the Simplicity Framework - the principles behind it and the resulting implications when we understand how life really works.

These, coupled with four live Q&A calls with me over the eight week period, will leave your whole life transformed, clearer, quieter, calmer and more peaceful.

And knock around 90% off your to-do list.​

What will unfold is your own personal journey into simplicity.

The most common experience my clients have upon gaining an understanding of the Simplicity Framework is a sense of relief as they move away from the adrenaline-filled quest for more, bigger and better. Ironically, as they start to relax, that's often when their results actually start to improve.

If you've had enough of being a stress-cadet/control freak, of working too hard, arguing too often with your loved ones and worrying about money or your waistline, this is your opportunity to 'spring clean your house', take a completely fresh look at how life really works and get simple before Summer.

what's in the program?

1. Weekly Simplicity: Room by Room

Each Monday starting 25th April, you'll receive a video from me with an introduction to that week's topic. 

We'll take each of the seven areas in turn: work, health, relationships, money, parenting, time management and your home, and I'll be giving you a deeper understanding of what I've seen about how life works in that particular area, with the result that you'll have your OWN insights about any actions you'd like to take as you move forwards with YOUR Simplicity Project.

2. Weekly Simplicity Framework Audio

Each Thursday, you'll receive an audio from me where we'll go even deeper into the Simplicity Framework - into the principles behind simplicity that will transform the very foundations of your metaphorical house and support you on your practical simplicity journey.

These audios will supplement each weekly video and you'll have access to all materials for a full four weeks after the end of the program - so no worries about falling behind.

3. Live Q&A Calls

Every two weeks, I'll be holding a live Q&A call so that we can connect in person, you can ask any questions you might have and share your simplicity successes and insights.

And of course there'll be a recording if you can't make any of the calls live.​

4. The Simplicity Project Facebook Group

Here's where you have an opportunity to connect with a community of simplicity-seekers as we develop our own simplicity projects, develop relationships, ask questions, and share this journey together. Here's where we get to inspire each other,

This is also the place where I'll be posting additional resources and bonuses as the program goes on - all designed to help you with your simplicity spring-clean immersion.

will there be homework?

This is an exploration of both the inner and outer game of simplicity.

What that means is that I'll be sharing what I've seen about how we experience simplicity (the inner game) and how this has impacted practically in my life in each of the eight areas (the outer game).

As you start to understand the Simplicity Framework, there may well be changes you see you'd like to make in your life. But they won't feel like 'homework'; instead it's more likely you'll be reporting back to the Facebook group with 'I just suddenly saw that x seemed so ​obvious so I did it/ stopped doing it. It was a no-brainer!'

The whole process is simpler than you're probably used to on other programs :)​

when do we start?

The official start-date of The Simplicity Project is Monday 25th April, which is when you'll receive the first video. That's in....


I cannot begin to explain the difference the Simplicity Framework and the principles behind it have made to my life in a very practical way, and in a way that has also touched my soul.

I hope I get to be part of your Simplicity Project and see you experience the same.



This programme has helped me to feel so much more calm, resilient and positive. I'm understanding more deeply day by day how my thoughts generate different feelings. Life seems simpler, calmer and more productive.

Ginny Carter Book Coach

Working with Nicola opened my eyes to a completely new way of being. I grappled to get my head around some of the concepts (as they are so different to what conventional coaching says) but once I had relaxed into it, I discovered a more relaxed, graceful and joyful way of working without the 'shoulds', without the overwhelm and without the constant questioning about whether what I was doing was "right". Thank you Nic for opening my eyes to a simpler and more joyful life.

Suzanne Dibble Entrepreneur, multi-award winning lawyer and founder of the Small Business Legal Academy

A couple of years ago I experienced an insight that allowed me to transform almost overnight from a very hard working and underpaid expert to a premium coach who works a lot less and earns a lot more whilst doing work that I love.

In the past year working with Nic with the Simplicity Framework I’ve been able to reduce my entrepreneurial anxiety so that my state of mind is now aligned with my freedom business.

I’ve also stopped doing a lot of things that I’d done for most of my adult life such as spending hours journalling about my worries, and instead used the time to write a new book.

The book launch was the simplest and most stress free launch I’ve ever done and the book hit international bestseller in 5 countries!

Although I’m far from perfect with simplicity, I finally have a mindset that I can tap into instantly and no longer need to be constantly ‘working on myself’ and reading every self-help book ever written.

Nic is a real inspiration to work with and I’m so happy i followed my gut and joined her program.​

Really appreciate being able to talk about stuff with you, Nic,  that I just wouldn't get a chance to talk about usually.​

Rachel Henke Freedom Coach & Author of The Freedom Solution


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